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A teen was arrested for sneaking into Miley Cyrus’ dressing room before her recent concert in Omaha.

Tucker Salvesen, 18, was caught on security cameras walking through restricted areas at the Century Link Center, leading security officials to contact the police, who busted him on suspicion of misdemeanor criminal trespassing.

But before he was detained, the super fan left something for Cyrus.

On Twitter, Salvesen posted a picture from outside the dressing room (see below), noting, “I snuck backstage in Omaha today and left a letter in @MileyCyrus dressing room I hope she sees it!!!”

According to the police report, Salvesen’s note read:

“I snuck back here I need to meet you. You have helped me so much your music has given me all the answers I was looking for when my heart got broke… we went through the same thing @ the same time… Miley I love you!!! Please let me meet you.”

He also reportedly left his Twitter handle and phone number.

The police report says that Salvesen told cops he had walked past a number of people on his way to Cyrus’ room without being stopped.

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