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From atop one of New York City's most exclusive venues, Thomas Gold celebrated the milestone of his 100th Fanfare episode with an intimate party at The Standard, High Line Hotel's Le Bain.

A select group of fans gathered to hear Thomas dish out Fanfare 100 live, and to dance the night away in the Big Apple. 

Speaking of NYC, the city has hosted many of Thomas' most unique events. The DJ/producer tells us, "I just love the New Yorkers and the crowd here is so amazing. I've had my biggest shows here; Governor's Island and then Roseland, and EDC. I really, really appreciate how much feedback I get from New York and how much they get involved online with social media. Whenever I play a show here, it's just amazing and the vibe is always crazy."

He may have celebrated one milestone, but Thomas has a lot more in store for fans to look forward to this year. He says, "I have three singles coming out now. There's the Borgeous track, then I have a track out on Revealed in August, and I have a track [coming out] on Axtone." He continues, "I'm working on new stuff constantly right now. I just sort of like use my time in the studio before I'm go back on big tours, and the summer's coming already so I have just to use every single hour I can get!"

We caught up with Thomas at his #Fanfare100 Event where he talked about his 100th episode, the iconic Roseland Ballroom, his favorite fan gift, and more.

1. What does reaching Fanfare 100 mean to you?

It means a lot. I started this radio show three years ago now and I didn't think about how much or how long it would go. The time went by so quick and now we're at the hundredth episode! It's amazing and I'm super happy about all the feedback, and support I'm getting. And that I have so many followers, it's pretty fun making these episodes every week. Putting together good music and telling the people what I'm doing, what I'm up to, and getting in touch with them. I'm just happy that I could reach them!

2. New York City has been a big location for you to put on your most unique shows, especially your performance at Roseland Ballroom. How do you feel about the venue closing down this year? 

I was very sad when I heard that, and I know that place had such a long history. So many huge acts have played there. I mean, on the one hand, I was probably part of that history, but on the other hand, I think it's really sad news that such a great venue with this amazing vibe had to shut down. But I will always remember, it was one of the most memorable shows ever for me.

3. What compelled you to incorporate the live element of your drum line into some of your sets?

The basic idea was that I often include drums and percussion elements into my tracks. So I was like, "Hey, why not do this live?" Bring in some people on stage with me. In America, the drum line thing is very popular. It's different than in Europe. So, I thought, "Hey, let's just try this out," and I talked to my management and they liked the idea. And so we found this group of young guys from New York, and it was so much fun rehearsing with them and being on stage. I think the people also love to see that. I don't know if it's going to happen this year, but I'm definitely planning on doing something like that in the future.

4. You have a collab with Borgeous coming out. What did you like about working with him?

He's a very nice, nice guy. I like his approach to music and how he does productions. He can do both the big room stuff and the vocal things with his tracks, I just like his style. We met at a festival a couple weeks ago and we sat down and had fun together. We were like, "Hey, come on, let's play together," and it happened! Like in a couple weeks. And I was in the studio with him in L.A. and before that, we had an idea which we just sent back and forth. We're done; we're finished, and it's going to be on Spinnin' Records.

5. What has been your favorite fan moment or gift from a fan? 

There was a fan in Italy and she gave me a cup with my name on it. A coffee mug. And she gave me a little Fanfare horn. It was super nicely wrapped and everything. She put a lot of time in that. She came to one of the shows in Italy.

Photo Credit Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio