These days it seems like every movie released is in 3D, and that’s not exactly a selling point to some people. I mean how annoying are those glasses, and half the time the effects aren’t worth the annoyance or the extra money for the ticket.  But who needs 3D when now you can take your experience to an even higher level.


Yup, the first-ever 4DX theater opened at the Regal Cinema  LA Live in June and it’s a bonafide hit. Business is booming at the 104-seat movie house, which features motion-based seating and theaters that spray water and emit smells, all synchronized to the flick on the big screen.


Since its opening, the theater has been at 63% capacity regardless of the day of the week or the show time, and is pretty much sold out on the weekends.  Of course, a movie experience like this doesn’t come cheap – tickets are $22 a pop, and that doesn’t come with any Dramamine pills.

But regardless of the price, the 4DX experience has been helping ticket sales. For example a six-day run of “Guardians of the Galaxy” in August earned over $46,000, 49% higher than a regular theater run during the same time period. And even  box office bombs did well. Sylvester Stallone’s “The Expendables 3” made over $22,000 in seven days which was a whopping 248% better than it did in regular theaters. And nothing can help that clunker.


Source: Variety