Brown and Yellow, Don't Wear On 1st Date

Getting ready for a first date is a major undertaking for most women. Finding the perfect outfit takes a lot of shopping and planning. It's not all in vain, however. New research suggests that the colors you wear on a date can influence your chances of securing a second date.

A British study surveyed 1,000 men and 1,000 women, and the results concluded that there is a direct link between color and attraction. The majority of men surveyed said that a woman wearing the colors yellow and brown were most likely to turn them off, while red was found to be a definite turn on!

The majority of women said a man in pink or yellow would make him less attractive, but a man who showed up to a first date wearing gray would most likely be a shoe in for date number 2!

So ladies, unless you want an out on your next date, don't wear brown or yellow – and certainly don't wear the two colors together! (Cosmo)

Just Asking ... What do you think? Does color have an impact on attractiveness?

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