Hey everyone this is Beth I’m a long time listener and a ginormous fan of your show thank you for making mornings fun while I'm home from college living back with the 'rents.

So yesterday, I caught my mom putting a powder into my dad’s coffee. He likes to have a cup when he get’s home from work. At first I thought it was sugar but she told me later it was Xanax.   I told her I had no idea dad took Xanax and she laughed and said “He has absolutely no idea he takes Xanax”. 


She said she only gives it to him when he comes home from work stressed and grumpy.  She said he refuses to do anything for his anxiety so she took it into her own hands. She said their marriage has been so much better since she started his Xanax coffee.


I feel somewhat bad for my dad and don’t know what to do, should I tell him or just let it go? I have noticed he is much happier the last few months so it’s certainly working.