There are just some occasions when it's not appropriate to pull out your phone and text.  Like when you're at a nice dinner with friends.  Or when someone's lying in front of you with their chest open during emergency surgery.


Arthur Zilberstein is an anesthesiologist in Seattle.  And he just had his medical license suspended after an investigation found he was SEXTING during surgeries.


Apparently there were a few times when Arthur was in the operating room and supposed to be handling a patient's anesthesia . . . but instead, he was writing nasty stuff back and forth with a woman.


That wasn't his only violation.  He also issued at least 29 unauthorized prescriptions . . . said something RACIST to a patient . . . and had sex with one of his patients.


One more thing:  He would pull photos of patients from medical records for self-pleasuring.


He'll have a hearing in a few months to explain his way out of all of that, and try to get his license back. 



(Source: CBS 7 - Seattle)