Contrary to popular belief, there ARE some stupid questions – and we all hate them. George Takei hilariously takes on a few particularly insane ones on BuzzFeed.


  • Q: Why do gay dudes have that “gay tone?”
  • A: What you call a “tone” we call a “vocabulary.”
  • Q: Why do gay dudes like being flight attendants so much??
  • A: We’re used to be yelled at by strangers, shoving things in tight places, and having liquids spilled on us daily.
  • Q: Why do gay guys like brunch?
  • A: Because brunch is a late breakfast – with booze.
  • Q: Why can’t gay guys have babies?
  • A: Brad [Takei's partner] and I have tried to get pregnant for 27 years. Nada.
  • Q: Why do gay guys always look so soulless in pictures?
  • A: You say distant and soulless. We say, “Who’s that hottie behind you?”


Source: BuzzFeed