By now you’ve probably heard of the huge celebrity phone hacking scandal that happened over the weekend. Several stars, including Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, had their phones attacked by cyber criminals, who posted naked pictures of them online. And while naked photos of celebrities are certainly more attractive to hackers, the whole thing may leave you wondering if your phones are susceptible to a similar type of hacking.  Well, unfortunately, the answer is yes.


While so far it hasn’t been confirmed that the hacks were connected to the iCloud, with so much information stored there, there’s a good chance that info could be stolen by anyone persistent enough to hack into it. But there are ways to protect yourself, although even they won’t guarantee all your information would be safe.


  • An important step is to put a two-factor authentication on your accounts.  This means that if you want to change anything in Gmail or your Apple account for example, you have to first get a text and respond to a code, which means a person must have the physical phone to get into the account.


  • You could also be vulnerable if your iPhone or iPad doesn’t have a passcode, so it’s important to activate one.  If you have iOS7 or higher, a locked phone means your contents will be encrypted even if the entire file system is somehow stolen.


  • And, as always, make that password as unique as possible.  While it may be strong, if you use the same password on different accounts you are basically minimizing its effectiveness. As much as you hate multiple passwords, unique is key to a safe and secure device.


Source: mashable