Ibuprofen is a miracle drug for some women, especially during that time of the month, but it sounds like men may want to stay far away from it.


While we all know that ibuprofen helps ease physical pain, new research suggests it could also help with emotional pain too…but only for women. In fact, the commonly used pain reliever does the exact opposite for men, making them feel emotionally worse after taking it. The results of a study out of University of Texas showed that unlike their female counterparts,  men who had taken the pain reliever had more intense hurt feelings when they were excluded from an online game and when they were asked to recount a painful experience.



The study could give insight into how men and women experience feelings differently and how to treat it. 'There's some evidence that, for men, the part of the brain that enables them to regulate their emotions is linked to the part of the brain that processes physical and social pain,” said the research’s author Professor Anita L. Vangelisti. “If that's the case, taking a physical pain reliever may affect men's ability to hide or suppress their social pain.”


 So does this mean the next time my man doesn’t show any emotion I should just slip him some Advil?


Source: medicalexpress.com