A Minneapolis man is claiming a harmless tweet about a rude gate agent got him and his kids kicked off a plane. Duff Watson says he and his two children were pulled off a Southwest flight Sunday in Denver after he tweeted about a gate agent who refused to give his kids priority boarding. Trouble began when Watson, who is cleared for priority boarding, was not allowed to have his six- and nine-year-old board with him. The gate agent was reportedly very rude and as he walked away, Watson made a crack about tweeting his displeasure online.

“At no point did I use profanity or threats. It wasn’t offensive content," says Duff. "It was me complaining about how I was treated. I’m worried that I was asked to leave an airliner because of the content of a tweet.

Shortly after boarding, Watson and his kids were in their seats and approached. They were told to get off the plane. Watson says the agent told him he was a safety threat and forced him to delete a tweet that contained her name before he and his kids were allowed back on the plane.  Southwest says it is reviewing the incident, and has given Watson and his kids each a $50 voucher - though Duff says he will never fly the airline again.  


Source: WCCO-TV