Hey, Bub.  That whole, "Let's just go down to the Justice of the Peace" stuff ain't gonna fly.  Women want real marriage proposals.  We're talkin' old fashioned, down-on-one-knee, engagement-ring-at-the-ready marriage proposals.  And if her dad is in the picture, go ahead and ask him about it first - just like you men folk used to back in the day.

These are the conclusions of a study which also says that 72-percent of the women polled think that that aforementioned ring had better include a diamond.  And among women aged 18 to 24, seven out of 10 want to see their man on bended knee.  But as they get older they become less insistent about it.  However, younger women are also more inclined to want their future husband to officially seek their hand in marriage from the father.  36-percent of 18-to-24-year-olds wanted that.

The survey was conducted by a seller of engagement rings, so you can decide on its veracity.  But whatever the case, Anna Blackburn of the jeweler Beaverbrooks, which conducted the survey, says, " The research shows that that many women still yearn for old fashioned romance and their ideal engagement ring is a massive part of that experience. Diamond engagement rings signify commitment and love, so it's no wonder that the tradition still holds so much importance."

It's been said that traditions die hard.  Here, here.  Start saving up, guys.  And shove that ultra-modern sense of yourself to the side.

Source: The Daily Mail