There’s nothing like using your celebrity to get back at someone who’s done you wrong. And in the case of pop star Sia, it’s her dry cleaner.    “Suggestions for revenge/pranks on dry cleaner who ruined favorite things and won't take responsibility? Please discuss,” she tweeted yesterday.  Sia explained that Metropolitan Garment Cleaning on 101st Avenue in Jamaica, Queens didn’t seem to care that they destroyed her items and told her, “I been taken to small claim court many time, don't try to scare me, my insurance pay for lawyer, you no win."


After a variety of responses from her  followers,  Sia picked her favorite, tweeting “BEST SUGGESTION!! Please write ridiculous terrible reviews HERE," and added a link to the cleaners’ YELP page. Sia also posted the dry cleaner’s phone number but eventually took it down. But we’re pretty sure her fans are resourceful enough to find it on their own.