Before buying a home, you check for mold, make sure the foundation’s solid, even roam the neighborhood to make sure it’s safe, but do you ever think about the people who lived, or even died, in the home you’re about to buy?


While Billy Crystal may have joked in “When Harry Met Sally” that it's easy to find a place in New York City by just checking out the obituaries, some people may not be too happy to find out their home’s previous owner died, especially if they did it in their actual home. Well now a new website will prevent you from ever worrying about that again. provides a national database of homes and apartments in which tenants kicked the bucket on site. The website, the only service of its kind in the U.S.,  claims to have analyzed more than 118 million public and private records in order to provide realtors with information about any possible deaths that occurred in a property.  


In addition to just the creepy factor, it could be helpful if you’re one of those people worried about ghosts of the departed haunting your home.  "Ghost stories can be like fishing stories, they can be exaggerated. We're trying to avoid that," said the website’s founder and president Roy Condrey.


And of course, let’s not forget the financial factor. Potential buyers may be concerned that a home’s macabre history  could cause it to decrease in  value.  "It can depreciate the value of the home by 25% or more. Or take 50% or longer to sell," noted Condrey. "That's not something someone typically thinks of when they buy a house."  Yeah, because it's too depressing.


Source: New York Daily News