A simple t-shirt is the reason some Michigan high school students have been suspended. WXMI reported Union City High School’s class of 2015 t-shirts read: “The girls are hot. The boys are fine. We’re the class of 6 + 9.” Six plus nine…you know, that equals 15?  “Our class is like the joking class,” explains student Mickaylah Brigg. “So we wanted it to be funny and represent us.” Unfortunately, school officials aren’t amused.  


Administrators told students the shirts had “potential sexual innuendo.”  Brigg said a classmate wore the shirt anyway and was suspended and explains that after that was student was suspended last Friday, the class decided to all wear the shirts this past Monday.


That didn’t go over well. Brigg said administrators waited for the students to walk inside the school and then suspended everyone wearing the shirts deemed inappropriate.  WXMI reported the students were suspended June 10, the last day of school.  Parent have called the suspension an overreaction, but the school superintendent told WXMI the students were warned about the clothing and chose to wear it anyway.