Maybe you're not burning the midnight oil these days, like you did in college.  But are you swishing the morning oil?  Open wide and allow us to explain.

There's a growing trend involving the use of coconut oil as a morning tonic to get people feeling better and looking better, too.  At least that's what loyal practitioners say about the stuff, which they say whitens teeth as well.  They swish it around in their mouths -- or pull it around -- as a means of getting rid of what might otherwise ail them.  And some crow about oil pulling's results to anyone who'll listen. 

Let's get a little scientific here, though: There's been no rigorous testing of the supposed health benefits of coconut oil, and most doctors are iffy, at best, concerning it.  But the method is generally thought to be harmless at worst.  And oil pulling does get an endorsement from Chicago dentist Jessica Emery.  She's down with the oral swirl, and says, "It’s fantastic. When we spit out the oil, we spit out the bacteria.”

Oil pulling actually dates back centuries to ancient India, but it's become fashionable nowadays with healthy types.  Although the jury's still out on coconut oil and the act of oil pulling, at least one gentleman has found a happy medium: New York real estate agent Zach Levine, who recently started the practice, says, “While I am swirling around the coconut oil, I have a good excuse to not talk to anyone.”