Have you seen and done it all? Looking for a unique vacation? Apparently Ukraine is the place to go. DailyMail is reporting companies are popping up offering tours of the battle zone...and all for a price.

50 euro, or about $70, a tourist can get a tour of a war zone, with a flak jacket included. Cough up 400 euro, or 535 bucks and you'll get a tour of an active site. All tours, which last about two hours, are done in an armored vehicle, so don't worry about that. "Impress your friends with the ultimate selfies," an advertisement reads, encouraging those who don't take the live action route to get outside and take pictures.

Horrified? You're not alone. The site reports that while there are some who are posting pictures of destroyed buildings and rubble, others have branded the tour "sick" and those who fork over the cash for the experience as "weird." 

Source: DailyMail