They'll REALLY hate you, trust us.

Everyone loves Chipotle. There’s no doubt about that. If you don’t, you’re not normal. Okay fine you’re normal, but probably can’t be trusted. ANYway.
The point is, Chipotle employees shouldn’t expect their customers to not be annoying either. Between ordering extra toppings and asking for the burrito to be rolled twice, it’s pretty clear that Chipotle customers can be pretty annoying. Leave it to Buzzfeed to put together a list of the “31 Ways To Make A Chipotle Employee Hate You” and leave it to Buzzfeed to make sure it rocks.


Here are the top 5 ways to drive a Chipotle employee bonkers. The full list is up on their site.


  • Request extra everything – Your burrito will break.
  • Try to get away with free guac – It’s never free.
  • Lump your salsas together – Your burrito will break
  • Be ignorant of what a tortilla is – Ask for the “dough.”
  • Pay zero attention – When the employee asks you if you want black or pinto beans you just say “yes.” Same hole, same job. It doesn’t matter.