When it comes to dating, we like to spend time with people who like the same things we do. That’s why dating apps try to match us based on common interests. But what about the things we don’t like? Don’t we want to date people who dislike the same things as us? A new dating app called Hater thinks we do.

So how does it work? The app's algorithm connects you with those who hate similar things. Users swipe across things from Donald Trump, to cargo shorts, to paying extra for guacamole, and then you’re matched with other haters who swipe right on the same things you do.

"It started off as a joke, a wouldn’t-it-be-funny-if and then we kept playing around with it and it seemed like it could work as an actual idea," says founder Brendan Alper"People seemed to come together around things they hate. It surprisingly brings people together.”

Alper says he did some research and found studies showing that hating things brings people a lot closer. And he says sharing a dislike for something allows people to be more honest and open about what they hate. So if you’re looking for an alternative dating app that focuses on your shared negative feelings instead of lovey-dovey things, Hater could be perfect for you. It’s supposed to be launching February 8, so you could still find a “hate-mate” in time for Valentine’s Day!

Source: Oxygen