Photo: Getty Images

By Kathleen Perricone

When photos popped up on Monday of Jennifer Lopez driving around the San Fernando Valley with her ex-boyfriend Casper Smart, it started speculation that the two are back together.

But are they are really? TMZ’s Harvey Levin called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday morning to set us straight.

“They are not back together,” he says. “He’s driving her BMW. It’s a convertible and the top is down. And she’s just driving along and then she sees the photog, and all of a sudden she sinks into her seat. He puts the top up, and by the time he puts the top up, she’s completely disappeared inside the car. So of course it makes you conclude that they’re banging. But we concluded they’re actually not. They’re still friends.”

In fact, the former backup dancer-turned-choreographer recently bought a home in Woodland Hills, California, adds Harvey. “It’s all his dough. He didn’t get a penny from her … and it’s far enough in the Valley, she wouldn’t be caught dead [there].”