I saw it!!!!! It was amazing!!! I seriously think I laughed for over half of the movie. 22 Jump Street was just as good as 21 Jump Street. It wasn't a let down being that it was a sequel. Brodie even liked it, so you know it was funny! They do make some jokes referencing the first movie so you may want to see the first film before you see the second, just to make sure you get all the jokes but it would still be funny without seeing the first. Again in this film there is a drug issue going on that they have to solve and of course they end up accidentally taking some of it and go on a crazy "trip" that adds to the humor of the movie. Also, there is a lot of bromances going on which is pretty interesting. The whole movie was amazing though and everyone NEEDS to see it! Especially if you are in need of a good laugh! Next on my list- The Fault in Our Stars