Hey everyone, newbie Intern Sara here! I thought today would be a great day to formally introduce myself and give a little background on me you may or may not already know. I was born and raised here in the Eau-C, went to Memorial High School and then started my college career in the Twin Cities at the University of Minnesota. I transferred back home to finish my degree in Mass Communications with a Public Relations focus, and have been able to take advantage of many extraordinary opportunities over the last few years, one of them being pageantry! I know it’s not very common around here, but through pageantry I have learned so much about myself and gained so much confidence as well as important professional and life skills.



This year I am running for Miss Wisconsin USA, which is the prelim for Miss USA that you might watch next weekend. Unfortunately pageants are expensive and I simply can’t afford to put myself through school and pay for the pageant all on my own. Learn a little more about the upcoming pageant and please check out my page here.  Thanks for your support and don’t forget to come get your free Dew from me in the mornings!