Hey everyone! So, for all of you animal lovers out there, you know that your pet is like your child. A dog is not just a dog, its your baby, your best friend, the tail that greets you every time you walk through the door! Well this past weekend my baby (aka my pooch, Honeybear) wasn't feeling well. She wasn't acting like her normal self and she wasn't moving around a lot. It scared me so much. I freaked out from the time I got home Sunday afternoon right up until I got her into the vet Monday morning. No there wasn't much time in between her initial symptoms and her vet appointment. I was contemplating taking her into the vet emergency right away on Sunday but I waited and made an appointment instead. 


The vet did testing and checked her out and couldn't find out exactly what was wrong with her but we know she has pain in her muscles. So he gave her some pain meds and an antibiotic and sent her home. Let me tell you, those pain meds worked magic! She is acting like a new dog! It made me so happy to see her feeling good again. I am still concerned because we don't know why she has muscle pain but we will just have to see what happens. 


Moral of this story, I will probably give myself an ulcer when I have children someday. But anyway, I saw this video online of a girl getting a puppy for her birthday, her reaction is priceless. The bond that is made when a dog and a human are brought together is strong and unbreakable. If nothing else, this video will make your heart smile .