George H.W. Bush To Flip Coin Before Super Bowl

Former President George H.W. Bush is going to be performing the coin toss before Sunday's Super Bowl in Houston. A spokesperson tweeted this afternoon Bush and ex-First Lady Barbara Bush are honored by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's invitation.

The news comes after the Bushes were released from the hospital. Earlier this week, former President Bush was released after being treated for pneumonia. Mrs. Bush was also hospitalized for bronchitis.

"The Bushes didn't hesitate for one second in accepting it," says Bush spokesman Jim McGrath. "They couldn't be prouder of their hometown and the Texans organization."

  • On a related note…Did you know that a 30-second TV spot for this Sunday's Super Bowl costs a record five-million-dollars? True. And if you’re wondering if it’s worth it? Most in the know say you can't beat the Super Bowl for exposure. Last year, 112-million people watched the football game, with nearly one out of six surveyed saying they tune in especially for the commercials.

Source: Houston Chronicle


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