Man Reads Kindle's "Terms and Conditions" -- and it takes nine hours

If you've bought basically anything or signed any online contract nowadays, you've inevitably come across a "terms and conditions" rider.  And if you're like everyone else, you probably scroll to the bottom of the legally-binding document without reading it and click "accept."

The Australian consumer group Choice isn't like us.  They hired an actor to read the ENTIRE "terms and conditions" section that came with an Amazon Kindle, as if it were a book. 

Any guesses how long it took?  Would you believe nine hours?

If you're a sucker for punishment, Choice popped the entire 73 thousand, 200-plus-word reading in one-hour chunks on YouTube.

The idea, of course, is to highlight how ridiculously long and complicated the contracts are, in hopes of convincing the powers that be to make them more manageable.

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