Have You Ever Seen A Couple That Looks Like They’re Related?

I find it interesting when I see couples (usually really good looking ones) that actually look like they could be related. Well researchers have found that people choose mates who tend to be of similar size, shape and ethnicity as themselves… and they may even have facial features in common. Researchers haven’t found that the presence or absence of any specific characteristics improves relationship quality. “We are not even close to being able to predict the success of your relationship,” Abdellaoui says. “I would not dare to advise someone on partner choice on what we know, especially genetics-wise. Just follow your heart.”

  • Are you in love with someone that kind of looks like you?
  • Have you ever not dated someone because they reminded you too much of a relative or relatives?

Link: http://www.rd.com/advice/relationships/why-couples-look-alike/


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