Hannah's Headlines- 5/25/2017

Man Sues Hershey's For Under-Filling Their Boxes

One Missouri man took notice that his box of Hershey's Whoppers didn't have as much candy as it should. So her took matters into his own chocolatey hands and called a lawyer.  

A federal lawsuit filed by Robert Bratton makes the claim that the candy company is shorting folks on their boxes, with Reese's Pieces boxes being skimmed by 29% and Whoppers boxes by 41%.

"Slack fill,"  as it's called, is the empty space in packaging that sometimes serves a purpose, like potato chips during transport and displays. Hersehy's lawyers say, "consumers are well aware of the fact that substantially all commercial packaging contains some empty space."

Bratton, however, isn't backing down. He says the large amount of space was "an ascertainable loss" because "the actual value of the Products as purchased was less than the value of the Products as represented."

The case is ongoing. 

Source: AOL

Magic Mushroom Users Report Fewer Hospital Visits

And you thought pot was the "new thing?" A new study shows that magic mushrooms are safer than other recreational drugs. The 2017 Global Drug Survey reports that only point-two-percent of ten thousand people who took hallucinogenic mushrooms last year had reactions that required medical treatment.

People who used LSD were five times more likely to seek medical treatment. The study said that's mostly because it's difficult to accurately dose LSD. That number was slightly higher for those who used MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy.

The results are based on the percentage of people who sought emergency medical treatment after taking one of the drugs.

  • One More Thing! The survey is a fascinating read. Check out this global comparison as to ‘who a smokes a joint within 5 minutes / 1 hour of waking.’


Source: Global Drug Survey

Today is National Tap Dance Day, National Brown-Bag-It Day, National Wine Day and International Geek Pride Day

Top Messages To Put On The Top Of Your Graduation Cap

“Mom & Dad Can I Move Back In?”

“Anyone Need a Basket Weaved?”

“Best 10 Years Of My Life”

“Unemployment Line or Bust”

“Will Dance For Food”

“Back To Starbucks”

“Will Marry For Health Insurance”

“Game Of Loans”

“Now I’m Just a Stripper”

“My Brain is Worth $100,000”

“Now Hotter By One Degree”

“99 Problems But a Degree Ain’t One”

Music Will Make Airplane Food Taste Better!

Airplane food is notorious for being awful and there are few reasons it probably won’t get any better. For one thing, it’s prepared hours before the flight in huge quantities, so it’s just not fresh. And things just taste differently at high altitudes. The cabin pressure, dry cabin air, and loud engine noise all contribute to us not being able to taste and smell food and drinks as well on a plane, according to Professor Charles Spence.

But the good news is there are things we can do to improve the mile-high meal:

  • Spence recommends wearing a pair of noise-canceling headphones for an easy way to make your food taste better on a flight
  • Listening to music can help, too. Research shows that “soundscapes that contain lots of tinkling, high-pitched notes can actually accentuate our perception of sweetness by 10%.”
  • According to Spence, pausing your in-flight movie can help you enjoy your meal more.
  • If you want to enjoy a glass of vino on the plane, some choices are better. Turns out, wines grown at a high altitude, like a Malbec from Mendoza in Argentina, are better rated in the air than on the ground.
  • They say dealing with your dry nasal passages by irrigating them can also help you taste more flavor in your airplane meal, but it could also increase your ability to smell other things on the plane. So you might want to skip that one so you don’t suffer for hours from smelling the stinky guy behind you with the bad B.O.

Source: The Telegraph

Bride With No Female Friends Has All Male Bridesmaids

Rebeca Abrantes was preparing to walk down the aisle when she realized she didn't have any female friends to stand up for her as bridesmaids. So the 24-year-old engineering student got creative and chose five male classmates for her bridal party.

Abrantes wanted to keep things traditional and assembled a "bachelorette" party complete with all the fixin's. The guys wore pink, short robes, and the bride was seen online with her hair pinned up in curlers as the group sported cucumber slices over their eyes.

With 56 guys at her school and only four girls, Rebeca says "it’s not like I had a lot of choices." 

Source: Yahoo!

Cops catch pigeon with backpack of drugs

Local authorities in Kuwait captured a pigeon in an airport who was wearing a suspicious backpack that contained 178 pills. It wasn’t immediately clear exactly what kind of pills the bird was packing at first, but tests revealed that it was ecstasy. If this sounds strange, it's not the first time a pigeon has been nabbed for narcotics smuggling. In 2015, Costa Rican prison guards caught a bird flying cocaine and weed into the slammer. But back to the pigeon…in case you don't believe the story - because after all, who could knit a backpack so tiny - an onlooker tweeted a photo:

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

Source: NY Post


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