New study: eating bananas can boost your chance of having boys

Have you ever heard that old wives tale that women who want to have baby boys should eat a lot of bananas? Turns out, there could actually be some truth to it.

According to a study from published by The Royal Society, what a woman eats before she conceives could actually affect the gender of her baby! And eating a boatload of bananas, or anything else with lots of potassium, could lead to her having a bouncing baby boy.

The study looked at 740 British women during their first pregnancy and found that the moms who had sons also had highly nutritious diets that were high in potassium. The research also showed that women who ate a lot of breakfast cereals before conception were also more likely to have a boy.

So, while there’s no guarantee that eating a bunch of bananas pre-pregnancy will guarantee you a son, it’s still healthier than a lot of stuff you could be eating. And if you are hoping to get pregnant and have a boy, you might want to have a big bowl of cereal with sliced bananas for breakfast from now on. Couldn’t hurt, right?



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