Hey, Asics! You can pay me like Puma does Selena!

The next time you see Selena Gomez post something on Instagram about her new collection of footwear for Puma, keep this in mind: Each one of those posts is worth as much as $3.5 million.

That doesn't mean that Selena was paid $3.5 million by Puma for her posts, either. According to Footwear News, it means that, as the most followed person on Instagram, Selena's posts are worth $3.5 million in what's called "Media Impact Value" to Puma.

Selena has 140 million Instagram followers, while Puma has a relatively paltry 8.2 million. Launchmetrics, a data insights company that focuses on fashion, cosmetics and luxury, tells Footwear News that her posts have three times more engagement than Puma's. That translates into an impact that's literally worth millions to the company.

Here's an example: Last September, Puma posted that Selena had "joined the family," and the post got just under 400,00 likes. In July, Selena posted a photo of herself wearing the company's Defy Mid shoe, and it got more than seven million likes.

As previously reported, Selena's Defy X SG shoe arrives September 18, with two more debuting in December. Selena donated a portion of the proceeds from her first shoe for Puma, the Phenom Lux, to the Alliance for Lupus Research, raising $100,000 for her favorite charity.



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