17 Year-Olds Try And Dial A Rotary Phone [WATCH]

The video was posted almost two weeks ago but it's just now going viral.  Maybe you've seen it: Two 17-year-old boys try, and fail, to figure out how to dial a number using a rotary phone.

Dad Kevin Burnstead of Illinois recorded the video, in which he presents his two sons with an unknown object covered by a cardboard box.  Beneath it: an old-school rotary phone.  Dad then plops a yellow legal pad down beside the phone on the table and tells his sons they have four minutes to dial the number written on the pad.

"Really?  That's it?" one son asks.  Oh, you cocky boy.

What follows is two-and-a-half minutes of the teens trying -- and failing -- to figure out how the rotary phone works.  Finally, one of them says: "Wait a minute: Do you have to pick up the phone and then do it?"

Yes, you do.  But you also have to keep the phone out of the cradle while you dial, which they can't quite seem to understand.  When they finally get close, their four minutes has already elapsed.

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