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Officials are investigating a homicide after the body of an Eau Claire man was found in rural Dunn County.  The Dunn County Sheriff's Office has not released the name of the 24-year old victim, but said a suspect has been identified and charges are likely to be filed sometime this week. They do not believe there is any current threat to the public, because the suspect is being detained for other reasons.  The sheriff's office said the man's body was found on Friday, in a car in rural Springbrook township. Authorities said the investigation continues as more potential witnesses may be identified and interviewed, and no other details can be released at this time.

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First responders from across western Wisconsin, and even some from Minnesota, spent the last two days in Barron County learning how to better respond to a bombing incident.  The training from Texas A&M's Emergency Services Training Institute is entirely funded through the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA, making it possible for even small, rural departments like the ones in northwestern Wisconsin to afford it.  Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said because so many departments in the region rely on volunteers, training like this truly is priceless.

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Students are marching more than 50 miles from Madison to House Speaker Paul Ryan's office in Janesville.  This is an extension of Saturday's "March for Our Lives" rally backing survivors of the Florida school shooting.  The students are asking Ryan to support a ban on military-style weapons, another ban on accessories like bump stocks, and increased regulations on buying guns, like stricter background checks, raising the legal age to 21 and inserting a four-day waiting period. 

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Numbers from the U-S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show Wisconsin continues to have a drinking problem.  Researchers wanted to determine how many people binge drink and how much they drink when they do it.  The study suggests one-in-four Wisconsin residents binge drink at least once-a-month.  The study defines binge drinking as a man consuming five or more drinks in a short period of time -- four drinks for a woman.  Wisconsin binge drinking is well above national averages.

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