Local News 5/4/18


An Eau Claire man was charged after kicking a police dog during a chase through the downtown area Wednesday night.  Jared A. Erickson was charged in Eau Claire County Court Thursday morning. According to the criminal complaint, an officer spotted Erickson riding a bicycle downtown, and knew he had an active arrest warrant issued that same day.  The officer attempted to contact him when Erickson took off on his bike. A K-9 unit was released and according to police, Erickson kicked the dog in an attempt to get away. He was eventually arrested when an officer forcibly took him off his bike.  Erickson is charged with obstructing officers, striking a police animal, felony bail jumping and illegal dumping.

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A federal judge sentenced the leader of a large drug ring located in Eau Claire.   Thursday, Chief U.S. District Judge James Peterson sentenced Blake Handrick to four years in a federal prison for conspiracy to distribute marijuana.  Prosecutors said Handrick recruited couriers to bring 30 to 50 pound shipments of weed from Washington to Eau Claire, where it would be repackaged and sold across the state. Handrick was caught after selling 26 pounds of marijuana to an undercover officer in December of 2015. A search of his home turned up another 40 pounds of weed, and business ledgers with details on other large sales.  The judge said Handrick is responsible for bringing in nearly 300 pounds of marijuana from August to December of 2015. 

The Eau Claire County Humane Association is in need of a new transport van, so they can continue to help animals in our area. The humane association told WQOW TV-18 News the van they currently have is around 13-years-old, and is not reliable anymore. So much so, that employees have had to use their own cars.  The shelter uses the van daily, for anything from transporting animals to and from the vet, to picking up strays 30 miles away. Their ideal vehicle would allow them to tie down kennels but at this point they just need something reliable.  Donations are being accepted through their website ECCHA.org.  And be sure to join us for the Fido & Friends Fun Run on May 19th - details on that event, are also available on their website.

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