Hannah's Headlines- 6/27/2017

Someone Called The Cops On Queen Elizabeth II-A British citizen called the police on Queen Elizabeth over the weekend… for not wearing a seatbelt.

As her Majesty road in a carriage for the State Opening of Parliament, she waved to those lining the streets. Of course it was televised as well. The resident of Yorkshire saw the event on TV and called 999 (their equivalent of 911).

Everyone knows the queen is immune to prosecution and never wears a seatbelt in her carriage! Police were not amused and warned people never to use the emergency number unless there really is one.Source: UPI

She Gets Paid To Let People Eat Off Of Her Naked Body

If lying on a table covered in appetizers wearing nothing but a flesh-colored thong sounds like your idea of a good time, you might want to get a side gig as a human food platter. Yes, it’s a real thing and people like Miranda Robero enjoys the work - where people eat food off of her body.

Robero is one of eight “human trays” at Lust, a trendy new “immersive erotically charged dinner party” in Brooklyn. And tickets to eat finger food off a live lady go from $90 to $140. And she makes between $200 and $400 for a two-hour stint, which could add up if it was steady work, but there’s not much demand, so she says she only does it a few times a year.

After showering and slipping into a thong, a “food artist” arranges the human trays with nibbles. Then these women have to get into a very relaxed state because strangers will soon be feasting from their bodies. But Robero says she’s never had anyone overstep and fondle her as they reached for food.

“All of my senses are heightened when I’m lying down in this vulnerable state,” she explains. “The sensation when people grab food off my body is very satisfying and arousing.” And that’s probably more excited than most of us get at our jobs.

Source: New York Post

Today is national sunglasses day and National PTSD Awareness Day

7 Amazing New Foods You Can't Miss At The Minnesota State Fair This Year- http://www.delish.com/food-news/news/a53891/minnesota-state-fair-new-food-2017/

Moth Eyes Are Inspiring Smartphone Anti-Glare Technology

The University of Central Florida is introducing a new smartphone film that mimics moth eyes. The insect's eyes are known to have nanoscale structures that reduce glare.

Research published in the journal, Optica, shows the Florida scientists have recreated the moth's eye in the form of an anti-reflection film designed for smartphones. Moth's eyes have also inspired anti-glare films in solar panels and highway billboards.

Scientists say next steps are improving the durability and performance of the film before they begin large-scale manufacturing.

Source: NBC News

Genius Develops Drone That Can Plant A Billion Trees

Australian engineer Susan Graham has developed a drone that can scan the land for the best spots to grow trees and then launch seeds into the soil. She says it can plant in areas that were inaccessible before, like the sides of steep hills.

We lose more than 15 billion trees a year because of deforestation, but Graham says we’re only planting about nine billion trees a year, so we’re still losing six billion trees. But her drone is capable of planting a billion a year!

The BioCarbon Engineering team Graham is working with is made up of researchers from across the globe. The drone they’ve created can plant at “10 times the rate of hand planting and at 20% of the cost.”

Source: The Week

Airline Gives Passengers Option To Pay For “Neighbor-Free Seating”

We bet most flyers know the feeling of watching the plane fill up as they keep their fingers crossed that the middle seat next to them remains empty for their flight. There’s no better feeling than knowing the seat next to you will be empty for your entire trip, and now one airline is offering travelers a chance to spends some dough to make that happens.

In case you missed it, Eithad Airways just launched a new “neighbor-free seating” option in economy class that allows travelers to pay a little extra money to keep the seat next to them free, although it isn’t necessarily guaranteed. Interested customers place an online bid to keep anywhere from one to three seats next to them free, and depending on how full the flight is, they’ll be notified 32 hours before if their bid is accepted.

As for how much they’ll have to pay for that “neighbor-free seat,” the airline isn’t getting into specifics although they will offer a minimum and maximum bid for each flight.

Source: The Huffington Post



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