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You Can Now Block Offensive Comments On Instagram

Social media trolls and bullies can certainly make posting pictures on Instagram a lot less fun, but the social media site is now giving users away to block all those nasty folks from ruining your day.

The company just rolled out a new feature that will automatically block “certain offensive comments,” as well as spam. So now it’s pretty simple to stop all those people from body shaming you next time you post a bikini pic. All you have to do is go into your Settings menu, click on comments and then turn on the “Hide Offensive Comments” feature.

Right now the offensive comment feature is only available in English, so for now if someone’s trolling you in a different language there’s no way to stop it, but hopefully you won’t be able to understand them anyway. The separate spam filter is being added automatically to all accounts, and is available in nine different languages.

Source: Mashable

The Sleeping Beauty Diet – Probably The Dumbest Weight-Loss Diet In History

If you’re sleeping, you’re not eating. That’s basically the main idea behind the Sleeping Beauty Diet, an increasingly popular weight loss method that encourages people to take sedatives in order to sleep for up to 20 hours a day and skip meals.

It’s hard to even consider the Sleeping Beauty Diet an actual diet, because it doesn’t prescribe the things you should eat those you should avoid. Instead, it just recommends a lot less eating and whole lot of sleeping. Advocates claim that apart from the obvious “benefit” of reducing calorie intake, this controversial weight-loss method also takes advantage of our bodies’ ability to regulate our metabolism through sleep, which accelerates weight-loss even more. However, there isn’t a lot of science that supports this theory, and even if there were, the risks of undergoing such an extreme regimen still outweigh the benefits by quite a large margin.

The most dangerous aspect of the Sleeping Beauty Diet is the use of sedatives, most commonly benzodiazepines like diazepam (Valium) and alprazolam (Xanax), to force the brain to sleep a lot more than it needs to. No matter how much you enjoy sleeping, it’s unlikely that you can do it naturally for 20 hours out of 24, without the use of medication.

“If people have to rely on medications to produce sleep—particularly [meds] like benzodiazepines, which are addictive—it’s putting the person at risk of addiction,” Dr. Tracey Wade, a professor at the Flinders University School of Psychology, told VICE Broadly. “It’s not only getting the body to sleep more than it needs to; they’ll also have to use higher and higher dosage levels to get the desired effect.”

Link: http://www.odditycentral.com/news/the-sleeping-beauty-diet-probably-the-dumbest-weight-loss-diet-in-history.html

At What Age Are We Really “Old?”

When you’re in your teens, everybody seems old to you, but as you yourself get older you realize that maybe 40 isn’t exactly so ancient. There’s no doubt that what was once considered “old” isn’t necessarily the same now, and a new report highlights just how much things have changed.

According to a report out of Stanford University, whether folks are considered old should be based on the percentage of chance they’d die within the next year. So, for someone who’s got a 1% or less chance of dying in the next year they’d be considered “middle aged,” while someone with a 2% chance would be classified as “old,” and someone with a 4% or higher chance would be deemed as “very old” or “elderly.”

Now, with folks living longer than ever before, what age constitutes those classifications has changed dramatically. For example, for men, 44 was considered “middle aged” in the 1920s, and for women they too fell in that class in their mid 40s. By comparison, today men don’t fall into “middle age” until 60, while women reach middle age at 65.

  • As for “old,” in the 1920s, that would be 55 for men and late fifties for women, while today those numbers increase to 70 for men and 73 for women. And “very old” in the 1920s was 65 for men and 67 for women, while today it’s 76 for men and 80 for women.

Source: CBS News

Woman Gives Birth To A 16-Pound Baby

Just days after a woman in North Carolina gave birth to a 14-pound baby, we're hearing about Waylon Cole Hallett's super-sized entrance last month. On May 1st, Waylon was born in Seymour, Indiana and weighed a whopping 16-pounds.

Waylon's mom says at her last ultrasound, doctors warned her Waylon was going to weigh around 12-pounds at birth.  The baby boy is now seven-weeks old and weighs in 17-pounds, seven ounces...the size of an average six-month-old.

Source: WLWT

Older Millennials Have A New Name For Their Squad

The older end of our generation is tearing away from the group a little bit. There’s such a stigma with being a Millennial these days, some of the “older kids” want no part of it anymore.

Seriously, Millennials are blamed for all kinds of things - the primary offense being spending too much money spent on avocados.

No more selfies for the older millennials! Now they’re calling themselves the Xennials. The people included in this group are the ones born between 1977 and 1983. But we shouldn’t forget all of the things the Xennials helped the millennials do! Like unconventional work hours!

Can we really blame the older generation for wanting a little distance? Can’t blame em – maybe one too many unicorn frapps took their toll.

Source: Bustle

How To Score Free Starbucks This Week

It’s time to act fast, my beloved coffee freaks! Starbucks is having a BOGO sale through July 2nd (that’s Sunday)! To ring in summer the right way, Starbucks is offering a free second espresso drink when you buy one! And who doesn’t love more coffee with their coffee?

The sale only goes on between 2 and 5pm so make sure you get your coffee break on before dinner time. What should you order? Starbucks recommends such loveliness as: the Iced Caramel Macchiato, Iced Soy Latte, or Iced White Chocolate Mocha. Now who wants coffee (and another coffee)? MEEEEEEEEE!


Best of Craigslist- Chippewa Valley

Pie in the face girl - still looking for a willing participant

I've posted on here before and even saw that the post made some coverage on a small radio show lol. I am completely harmless as is the gig. I understand being unsure about doing such a request, but think about it. For any first time viewers of this ad, I am looking for a good looking female preferably age 25-30 to take part in a fun gig involving pies in the face and some other toppings/ice cream. Please if interested respond with your name, age and multiple pictures of yourself so I know you are real and serious. You will be paid for this as well.

Johnny from Paul Simon at Eaux Claires Fest - w4m (Paul Simon's set)


Looking for Johnny (picture shows the back of your head, bottom left). We watched Paul Simon play and although the show was beautiful we had more than a few moments of cracking up. :) You were wearing an orangish-red t-shirt. You introduced yourself to me--my name is Toni (blonde hair, blue shirt). You went to have a smoke and I headed to Wilco but wished I had walked with you. Would have been nice to have a real conversation. I don't even know where you are from...

Family reunion - m4m (Chippewa Falls)

You made my day. Wow was I lucky or what? Tell me what you did? What and where you showed me something big. Specifically tell me A little more about the conversation we had. Damn dude. I was in awe.

Drug and Alcohol Tester (Eau Claire) 

Looking for either a current DOT trained tester OR someone to train for DOT drug/alcohol testing. This testing is for the railroads and the territory is about 60 miles around Eau Claire, WI . All mileage is paid at the current IRS rate and bonus paid for longer distances. Pays per job, this is a part time subcontractor position. We provide all training, if necessary and all equipment if necessary. Railroads run 24 hours a day so jobs can occur any day and time. We conduct breath and then ship urine specimens to the lab. Good communication, excellent listening, able to follow directions and handle detailed work. Send a resume or call with questions. We have an immediate need in the Eau Claire, WI area. Looking to fill this position ASAP. Not full time but must be available to test when requested by the railroads. Good car and cell phone required. Send Resume or call with questions. We have an immediate need to fill



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