Hacks To Help Women Deal With Boob Sweat

As the temperatures continue to rise across the country this summer, there’s no doubt a lot of sweating is going on, and for women, that includes the dreaded boob sweat, which can make wearing a bra incredibly uncomfortable. For some, going braless is just not an option, and in those cases not wearing one probably won’t stop the sweat accumulating around your underboob. So, what is a woman to do?

Well a new UK survey, which could easily translate here, finds that 87% of women deal with so-called “swoobs,’ a.k.a. sweaty boobs, and the poll uncovers some of the hacks women have come up with to deal with it.

Believe it or not, swoobs are such a nuisance that deodorant actually exists that allegedly aids in the problem, but if you can’t find it in your local drug store there are other options. Some women have admitted to lining their bras with panty liners to absorb all that extra sweat, while others have used talcum powder to stop the rubbing and chafing. Others have actually rubbed scented anti-sweat foot cream to the area, and some have even resorted to breaking out the corn starch from the kitchen.

Source: The Daily Mail



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