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More Studies Show Coffee and Decaf Are Still Good For You-It’s official, coffee is really good for you.

There’s no yo-yo “it’s healthy,” “no it’s not” here. Two new studies suggest that drinking coffee may be good for you -- even decaf. Researchers in the U.S. and Europe report that the more coffee people drank, the less likely they were to die early from heart disease, diabetes or cancer.

While that’s great news, coffee didn't seem to have any effect on the risks of other illnesses, like the flu or Alzheimer's. Men seem to get more of a positive effect from coffee than women, though both showed reduced risk of early death. The one bad note was the risk of death from ovarian cancer may have been higher.

Both studies were done to see if ethnic background was a factor and the findings showed it isn’t! The studies were published yesterday in the "Annals of Internal Medicine."Source: Annals of Internal Medicine

You Really Should Eat Those Strings On Your Banana

We know bananas are a tasty, healthy snack, but most of us just toss those weird strings on them along with the peel. But we might need to rethink that action because those strings are actually packed with goodness.

First of all, they’re not called stings, the technical term is “phloem bundles.” Of course, that name doesn’t make them more appealing, but the phloem is a “complex tissue that transports food and water in a plant.” So they’re giving the banana the food, nutrients, minerals, and water it needs to grow.

That means those strings we’ve been throwing away all this time are bringing the good stuff to the banana as it gets ripe. And eating them means you get more of the nutrients in the fruit.

If you somehow never even noticed bananas have strings, good for you. And if you feel like you just can’t bring yourself to eat something called a phloem bundle, no matter how healthy it is, just make a smoothie and toss in the whole, peeled banana so you don’t even have to see them.

Source: PureWow

Today is national blueberry muffin day and World Population Day

How Long People Wait To Say I Love You

Saying “I love you” for the first time in a relationship can be a risky move. No matter how sure you are about your feelings and your partner’s feelings for you, there’s still that fear that they won’t return those three little words back to you and that’s a scary thought.

And while there is no right or wrong time to express your feelings for your sweetie, we all like to know how everyone else handles this important declaration. So a data journalist at YouGov in the U.K. asked around 4,000 people about their “I love you” habits and crunched the numbers so we can compare.

It turns out, 16% of people have shared those three words within a month of meeting their someone special. And believe it or not, 3% did it in less than a week! No word on whether that sent the other person running in terror or if they lived happily ever after, but that sure is fast!

But the most common time for people to wait to say “I love you” was three months (22% of those surveyed did it in that time). And 14% did it within six months, and we get it, it’s always nice to be sure before you confess those three words. But some waited longer - 6% waited a year and 2% waited TWO YEARS! That’s a long, long time. And a very few(3%) haven’t ever told anyone they love them.

So, these numbers back up the idea that there is no right time to tell the person you love how you feel. Just do it when it feels right and hope for the best!

Source: Cosmopolitan UK

New Invention Will Prevent You Losing Battery Power At The Beach

These days folks don’t like to be separated from their devices anywhere, even while on a relaxing day at the beach, but what is a person to do if their battery starts to die while they’re enjoying the rays? Well, a new inventor may have come up with a solution. 

Eric Hawkins has created lightweight, foldaway solar panels that will attach to beach umbrellas and provide the energy needed for someone to recharge their devices without ever getting up from their beach chair. The Solarbrella, as he’s calling it, will generate 25-watts of electricity and will feature two USB cables so you can share the bliss.

Right now, Hawkins is looking for investors so he can produce his first 100 Solarbrellas and get them on the market to the general public. And while it may sound like it’ll be bulky to carry, Hawkins insists it will fold into a suitcase so it will be easily transportable.

Unfortunately, this panels won’t be cheap. Right now he’s figuring it will cost $489, and he’s also working on a larger model, which will feature 60-watts of electricity and can run a laptop for 11 hours, at a price tag of $770.

Source: The Daily Mail

Man Proposes While Getting Arrested

When most people propose, they have a romantic plan in mind. For 35-year-old Brandon Thompson, he decided to get it over with...while being arrested. 

Thompson was being picked up by Muskogee police on multiple felony warrants. Before being put in the back of the cop car, Thompson asked officers is he could propose to his girlfriend. Believe it or not, she said yes. They moved his handcuffs from behind him to in front of him so he could put the ring on his beloved's finger.

Thompson's unnamed fianceè celebrated by bailing him out. They'll set a date when the groom-to-be's legal woes are settled. Check out footage of the proposal to the right. 

Source: ABC 11

Dunkin’ Donuts Mocha Oreos are here

Dunkin’ Donuts Mocha Oreos are here: There’s no doubt that folks love their coffee, and a lot of people love Oreos as well, and now it’s possible to enjoy those two great tastes together.

Oreo lovers will be excited to hear that the new limited edition Dunkin’ Donuts Mocha Oreos are now on store shelves. The collaboration was first hinted at back in April, but they are now a reality, so run out to your store now before everyone jonesing for a caffeine buzz with their cookie gets their hands on them.

Source: Elite Daily



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