Hannah Headlines- 7/12/2017

Takata Expands Defective Air Bag Recall

Takata is expanding the recall for defective air bags. This time, the company is adding two-point-seven-million cars to their growing list of vehicles with potentially dangerous air bag inflators.

The latest recall affects airbags in Ford, Nissan and Mazda vehicles built from 2005 through 2012. The inflators are a new type that was previously thought to be safe. At least 17 deaths worldwide and more than 180 injuries have been linked to faulty inflators that can explode with too much force.

New details just released by Honda reveal that a man died from an exploding air bag inflator last summer, but not because of a crash. The victim was working inside a 2001 Honda Accord using a hammer when the air bag inflator ruptured. The company said it only recently found out about the man's death. It's unclear why the airbags were deployed in that case.

Source: Reuters

Slouching ISN'T Bad For You And Should Be Recommended According To Expert

Slouching on your sofa or in front of your computer at work isn't as bad for you as you have been told, an expert has claimed. Years of slating bad postures as being detrimental to our health is 'wrong', Jack Chew, of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy says.

In fact, slouching could be recommended - as forcing yourself to adhere to sitting upright at all times may be wreaking havoc on your body.

But due to the financial opportunity it provides firms based around trendy wellness techniques, slouching is dubbed as awful.

Such fears have sparked an entire industry to arise, promising to kick people into shape by realigning them, taking hundreds of their pounds simultaneously.

Mr. Chew told The Times: 'The assumption that we all need to be perfectly aligned is just wrong... nothing about our bodies is entirely symmetrical.

Mr. Chew's claims challenge a body of evidence that states the opposite, suggesting that slouching is the root cause of many ailments.

'It [slouching] is sold as the key cause of so many ailments, yet it remains just one of many potential factors that might contribute to a health problem. 'We need to get away from this idea that bad posture is the single cause of so many complaints because that is never the case.'

Link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-4685736/Slouching-ISN-T-bad-claims-expert

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