Hannah's Headlines- 7/21/2017

Moon Bag Sells For Nearly $2-Million

An anonymous bidder is now the proud owner of a bag of moon dust. A bag used by Neil Armstrong to bring back the first samples of rocks from the moon has sold for more than one-point-eight million dollars at Sotheby's in New York.

The auction coincided with the 48th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. The bag was seized by U.S. Marshals from a Kansas museum manager who was convicted of stealing it in 2014. It was then sold to an Illinois woman in an online government auction two years ago for just 995-dollars. The winning bid was actually below two-million dollars+ that had been predicted.

According to Sotheby's, Carlson will use part of the proceeds from the auction to fund therapy charities, medical research and establish a scholarship fund at her alma mater.

  • Interestingly, the auction may not have happened. After Nancy Carlson scored her “dust pouch” back in 2014, she sent it to NASA for testing. When she did, the space agency didn’t want to give it back. In the court case that followed, NASA said it should be displayed, while Carlson said it was rightfully hers. The judge agreed.

Source: NPR

Coffee Recalled For Containing 'Active Ingredient In Viagra'

Many rely on their morning cup of coffee to give them that extra get-up-and-go to get out the door.

However, this cup of coffee may pack a little more oomph than one may be looking for.

Bestherbs Coffee LLC is voluntarily recalling a number of its coffee after it was discovered one of its ingredients is “structurally similar to sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra,” according to an FDA recall notice.

The company is recalling the coffees for an undeclared milk ingredient as well.

While the coffee is marketed as a male enhancement drink, the combination of sildenafil with other prescription drugs could be dangerous for those with high blood pressure, high cholesterol or heart disease, prompting the FDA recall.

The drink also poses a threat to those with milk allergies.

The coffee is sold online nationwide. Those who have purchased the coffee are asked to return whatever they have left to Bestherbs Coffee LLC, 4250 Claremont Dr, Grand Prairie, Texas, 75052.

Customers will be reimbursed for the coffee and postage. Those with questions can contact Bestherbs Natural Coffee at 817-903-2288 or Albertyee.abc@hotmail.com, Monday thru Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time.

Link: http://www.ksdk.com/news/coffee-recalled-for-containing-active-ingredient-in-viagra/457877529?

The Most Hated Thing In Each State

While Julie Andrews may sing about her “favorite things” in "The Sound of Music," let’s face it, there are probably more things people hate than love. And apparently where in the country you live may determine what you hate the most. 

Well, the Hater app, which matches people based on their dislikes, has analyzed their data to determine the most hated things in each state and some of the results may surprise you. 

For instance, while tourists may flock to New York to visit Times Square, that destination is actually the thing New Yorkers hate the most, and it's possible all the tourists is the reason why. Other things hated by people include:

  • God (New Hampshire),
  • New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (Massachusetts),
  • middle America (Rhode Island),
  • friends that ask you to move (Kentucky),
  • tuna salad (Georgia),
  • dabbing pizza with a napkin (Virginia),
  • and workout couples (Florida)

Midwest hates are decidedly different though, for example folks in Louisiana hate being the designated driver. As for the west coast, Californians hate fidget spinners, while Oregon hates spin class and Washington doesn’t like Keurig K-cups, but considering that's the birthplace of Starbucks, do you blame them? Meanwhile, Colorado hates *NYSNC and interestingly Nevada hates feminism, while Utah, understandably, hates porn. CLICK HERE to find out what your state hates the most.

Source: Refinery29

Interest In The Solar Eclipse Sparking Travel

America is about to experience its first solar eclipse in 26 years on August 21st and it appears as though a lot of people want to get the best view of it as humanly possible. According to Hotels.com, more and more travelers are planning to take trips around the eclipse, with certain states seeing a huge uptick in searches because of it. 

The site reports that states in the eclipse's diret path, like Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Idaho and Kentucky, are seeing the largest search increases from travelers as compared to a year ago. Overall, Nebraska seems to be the most popular eclipse destination, with a 325% increase in searches, followed by Kansas, with a 200%. Meanwhile, searches for Missouri are up 160%, Idaho is up 135% and Kentucky is up 130%.

Source: Expedia.com

Science Says It’s Okay To Let Your Kid Stay Up Late

Tired of fighting with your kids about bedtime? Well, according to science, you might not have to anymore. Research shows that forcing your little ones to hit the sheets isn’t worth the tantrums and struggles.

In FiveThirtyEight's recent installment of its “Science Question from a Toddler” series, five-year-old Kayla asks why it’s bedtime when it’s still light outside. And science writer Maggie Koerth-Baker admits in her answer that it’s more of a cultural thing than anything else.

“Research on American kids suggests that ‘bedtime resistance’—that fist-in-the-air struggle against the oppressive forces of lights-out via tantrums—is common and increases as children age," she writes. "Kids need to sleep, and they generally sleep more than adults, especially when they're really young. But there's a lot of variability in what's healthy."

Some kids need a lot more sleep than others. The National Sleep Foundation says a toddler can need anywhere from nine to 16 hours a day! So maybe our kids really aren’t sleepy when we’re trying to force them to go to bed.

And a longitudinal study from Switzerland found that kids’ “sleep resistance” - those bedtime tantrums we know so well - disappeared when parents moved bedtimes later. So putting the kiddos to bed later means less frustration for everyone, researchers concluded. And we’re all about less frustration!

Source: My Domanie

Best of Craigslist- Chippewa Valley

Washing Window at Holiday Hastings Way - m4w (Eau Claire)

"You had a white 4 door you were washing windsheild at the pump and you made it look so fun I had to wash mine as well. Lol I know you seen me looking and Id like to chat with ya!! It was about 10:00am tell me what color shirt I had on if you ever see this!! Hope to hear from ya!!"

B-Taxi at Rockfest - w4m (Chippewa)

"You were driving taxi at Rockfest and I enjoyed our short conversations. You said you lived in Chippewa Falls area and your name starts with a B...You probably won't see this, but it's worth a shot. I was camping in Row U and wish I could've asked you to join me for coffee or lunch sometime, but was a bit intoxicated everyday during RFest and had forgotten to. I was also a bit shy because I thought you were cute... It would be nice to have a local friend here if nothing else, considering most of my friends are out of state. If you see this, the ball is in your court.I was much cuter the first time driving me, rather than the last time."

Pie Guy

"...the type of pie really can range. Typically it would just be whipped cream in Graham cracker pie crust. Sometimes fillings can be used too such as pudding. Then it's just literally a pie in the face to start.

I have done this a few times now being both on the giving and the receiving end of it, so I can speak for both haha.

In fact a lot of the responses are dead ends like people I would t ever meet up with. I know it probably seems odd to hear but I am the furthest thing from a creepy guy. I'm actually a good looking younger guy. I have met up with a few people to do this though and gotten great responses there."

**Original post**

Pie in the face girl - still looking for a willing participant

I've posted on here before and even saw that the post made some coverage on a small radio show lol. I am completely harmless as is the gig. I understand being unsure about doing such a request, but think about it. For any first time viewers of this ad, I am looking for a good looking female preferably age 25-30 to take part in a fun gig involving pies in the face and some other toppings/ice cream. Please if interested respond with your name, age and multiple pictures of yourself so I know you are real and serious. You will be paid for this as well.



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