Hannah's Headlines- 7/25/2017

Roombas Are Little Spies On Your House

Those cool little robot vacuum cleaners make life so much easier. But there is going to be a big catch.

It seems that no matter where we turn our privacy is being whittled away. Your Roomba is going to be part of the “sell out.”

The device maps your house to maximize efficiency and now the iRobot CEO wants to sell those maps. “There’s an entire ecosystem of things and services that the smart home can deliver once you have a rich map of the home that the user has allowed to be shared,” said Robot CEOColin Angle.

He argues that the aps can help Alexa, Siri and other smart home devices work more efficiently. Of course a massive side effect is one company having way too much information about you.

Now if you are thinking the terms of service will help you, no it won’t. It is vague enough, but this paragraph does you in. “We may share your personal information with] other parties in connection with any company transaction, such as a merger, sale of all or a portion of company assets or shares, reorganization, financing, change of control or acquisition of all or a portion of our business by another company or third party or in the event of bankruptcy or related or similar proceeding.”

You do have recourse! Turn off your cloud sharing system so iRobot won’t be fed the info!Source: Gizmodo

Luxury Toothpicks Are A Real Thing… But Why?

Toothpicks may not convey luxury or opulence, but that wasn’t always the case. Centuries ago, royalty used gold and silver toothpicks — but now they’re cheaply made and more commonly associated with the working class. That’s where Canadian entrepreneur Peter Smith saw a business opportunity. The Toronto-based founder and CEO of Daneson sells toothpicks, but not just any toothpicks. Smith sells luxury toothpicks made from American milled northern white birch that come in six flavors: bourbon, single malt, ginger honey, lemon, mint and “cinnamint.” A four-bottle pack starts at $25. With just 12 toothpicks per bottle, that’s 50 cents per toothpick. Comparatively, a plastic jar of 250 Touch Round Toothpicks costs about $2 — or less than 1 cent per toothpick.

  • How much would you be willing to spend on a toothpick?
  • Do you know someone who always has a toothpick in his or her mouth?

Link: http://nationalpost.com/life/daneson-toothpicks/wcm/08075d36

Today is national hot fudge sundae day and national hire a veteran day

Couple ditches wedding cake for awesome cake piñata instead

One Los Angeles couple decided to ditch the traditional wedding cake at their nuptials. Instead, they chose a customized wedding piñata cake.

Karen Chan and Clayton Lee tied the knot May 13 in front of approximately 180 guests at La Chureya, a luxury villa in Palm Springs, California. The couple, who got engaged on Christmas Day in 2014 after meeting on a study abroad trip to Shanghai, China, 10 years before, aren't "big on cake," they told ABC News.

"I'd rather have dessert than cake," said Chan, who is a food blogger at Honestly Yum.

Lee added, "It was also an act of semi-rebellion against traditions. We just wanted to do our own thing."

So the two commissioned a local shop called Amazing Piñatas to create a customized wedding cake-shaped piñata.

"I gave them a photo of a cake I probably would've gotten made and they turned it into a piñata," Chan said.

The couple even had traditional cake toppers on their piñata, "but they customized it to look like us," the bride added.

Although it took a while for the piñata to pop -- Lee even had to "tackle it a couple times," he said -- the guests were glad when what was inside was finally revealed.

"We filled it with party toys and snacks, traditional Mexican treats, bubble blowers, party poppers, and of course, little bottles of booze-filled chocolates for the adults," Chan wrote on her food blog.

After their nuptials, the two trekked to the Maldives and Sri Lanka for their honeymoon. They're now looking forward to life as a married couple.

"We just want to continue to enjoy our time together," Lee said, "and plan our next trip and our next adventure."

Study: Millennials have 5-second attention spans

Perhaps coming as no surprise with someone who knows one well, but a new study reveals Millennials have an eyeblink of an attention span, at least when it comes to advertising.

The CEO of industry experts ComScore say that advertisers have 5-6 seconds, tops, to catch that target demographic's attention, often defined as the generation born from the early 1980s to the early 1990s.

New research from the company also revealed that 61 percent of millennials spent their time with smartphone apps -- indeed two of three were Snapchat users -- a service used by 80 percent of young millennials. That final stat is truly surprising -- to anyone who isn't raising a 10-18 year-old, that is. 

ComScan's data also revealed that some 95% of all Millennials are on Facebook.

What You Eat Depends On How Hot Your Boo Is

A lot of times, relationships get the blame for a little weight gain in your life. You get super comfy around the other person, and all that Netflix and chilling leads you to pack on some pounds. But this might not necessarily be true! If your partner is super hot, there’s a better chance you’ll eat healthier. Who knew?!

A study looked at 113 couples who wanted a “thinner body.” The women that were deemed “less attractive” than their partners were more likely to be on diets and seeking out a skinnier frame. This shows that if you have a physically attractive partner, you might be more likely to head towards the whole wheat and veggies than the Big Mac.

The other side of this? Women who were deemed more attractive than their husbands were perfectly happy in their bodies.

Source: Metro

Dear Dave FB message

Do You Think It’s Inappropriate To Bring My Baby To Movie Theater For A Late Show If She Sleeps At That Time?

Hey guys, my name is Allie I’m 18-years-old and have a 6-month-old baby girl named Aria.

Aria’s father and I are not together and I’m actually dating right now, which can be a little complicated. The hardest part is getting a baby sitter so I bring Aria along on a lot of my dates and she’s great. She basically sleeps through most of them. Recently a guy asked me to the movies but the only time I can go is after work at around 9 pm. Aria goes to sleep around that time and stays down till 7am.

So do you think it would be inappropriate to bring her to the movies on my date in her infant car seat to a 9pm show? My date said he doesn’t care but I don’t want to get dirty looks from other people.

What do you guys think?




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