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Noise In Woman's Attic Turns Out To Be A Homeless Man

For one woman in Arlington, Virginia, the noises she heard wasn't her house settling. Instead, she and her hubby had an unexpected guest: a homeless man living in their attic. 

The woman didn't want to be identified, but she remembers waking her husband up after hearing footsteps above her in the house she rents. She called her landlord to see if it was him using some of the storage space. He was the one who called police. 

When cops responded, they discovered Anthony Jones, a 60-year-old homeless man, in the attic. He was taken in without incident, which is police found a backpack with clothing and bedding. It's unclear exactly how long he'd been crashing "upstairs."

Source: NBC Washington

Baby Names On The Brink Of Extinction

Any parent with a kid that has five Caitlyns in their class knows that over the years some baby names grow in popularity while others go out of fashion. Well, BabyCenter just came out with a list of names that were once popular but are apparently on the verge of becoming extinct, so if you want to give your kid a name nobody else has, now’s your chance.

According to the website there are 14 names that were once popular, but have apparently fallen out of favor, since not one of the 200,000 American babies currently registered on their site have been given them.

Among the names on the verge of extinction:


  1. Bette/Bettie
  2. Blanche
  3. Erma/Irma
  4. Krista
  5. Myrtle
  6. Olga
  7. Rhonda


  1. Carroll
  2. Dick
  3. Homer
  4. Lowell
  5. Roosevelt
  6. Rudolph
  7. Willard

Source: Today

Today is national scotch day and national chili dog day

Wisconsin Cemetery Courts Controversy With 'Ghostbusters' Screening

A Wisconsin cemetery raised controversy with locals after announcing plans to hold an outdoor screening of Ghostbusters.

The Restlawn Memorial Park in Wausau announced the 1984 version of Ghostbusters will be shown Aug. 11 in an outdoor area near the mausoleum at the back of the facility.

The announcement sparked debate among community members about whether the plans were appropriate and respectful to the deceased. "I'm just disappointed and surprised by the cemetery," Tom Alesia, whose mother is buried at the cemetery, told the Wausau Daily Herald. "To see a cemetery choose this option ... it's disturbing."

Restlawn owner Christine Toson Hentges said the film will be shown in an area that is not intended to be a burial ground. "It's a trend at cemeteries to hold these types of events," she said. "It represents that a cemetery is a vital part of the community."

Sue Syring, a cemetery employee, agreed. "It's basically a community outreach. We have such a beautiful location here at Restlawn that we want to share it with everyone," Syring told CNN.

Toson Hentges also owns a cemetery in Milwaukee, which started holding outdoor movie events last year. She said there was some initial criticism, but the events have been well received by the community. "The purpose is to bring people together in a positive way," Toson Hentges said. "We want people to come back and reflect on the memories."

Link: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2017/07/26/Wisconsin-cemetery-courts-controversy-with-Ghostbusters-screening/7451501086925

Game Changing Sex Robot Sings And Talks-A seriously lifelike sex robot is hitting shelves next year.

The DS Doll Robotic head is gorgeous, can smile and can listen and respond to questions using voice recognition software. The prototype will retail for just under eight-thousand dollars. The UK will be the first to have them on shelves.

We forgot to mention the catch. We’re only talking about the noggin of the doll! While it can be controlled with a smartphone or PlayStation controller, you have to buy a body for it! Source: New York Post

'Brosectomies' Are A Thing Now-- It’s A Vasectomy Party! Snips, Chips & Dips

Businessmen Rob Ferretti and Jeb Lopez skipped work for a day of booze, steaks and prescription drugs at a hideaway outside D.C. The two pals, married with children, made a convivial—and somewhat vulgar—video as they drank and giggled away the hours before heading home. Neither man could drive afterward, but their wives were remarkably supportive.

Mr. Ferretti, 36 and Mr. Lopez, 44, had enjoyed themselves under the supervision of a doctor for what some are calling a brosectomy—a vasectomy with friends in a cushy setting of couches, snacks, big-screen TV, and in some clinics, top-shelf liquor. “We thought it was going to be painful,” said Mr. Lopez, who described the procedure as feeling like the sting of a rubber band. “After that, we were just laughing, I guess it’s from the alcohol, but we had such a great time.”

Hundreds of thousands of American men get vasectomies each year, according to the American Urological Association. Typically, the procedures cost about $500. But gregarious types willing to spend a few thousand dollars are getting the procedure done together at clinics that look more like club lounges.

Urologist Paul Turek, who has clinics in Beverly Hills, Calif., and San Francisco, said group vasectomies are a growing trend. When a group arrives, he closes the office to accommodate the men comfortably. A limousine recently delivered a group of biotech employees from the same firm, he said. With jazz playing in the background, “I move like the wind,” Dr. Turek said, finishing each man after a song or two, about 8 minutes. Having vasectomies together provides comfort in numbers, Dr. Turek said. One group, friends since college, had vasectomies together, and they “took fewer pain pills, felt better faster and returned to work earlier than the average, go-it-alone-out-on-the-plank, tube-tied patient,” he wrote on his blog last year.

Urologist Ernest Sussman, of Las Vegas Vasectomy in Nevada, said pairs of men arrive together for the procedure a few times a year, usually visitors attending business conferences or watching sporting events together. “It’s almost like a fraternity mentality, where one guy says they may do it,” Dr. Sussman said, piquing the interest of “the other guys who’ve been contemplating it.”

Other clinics advertise on radio and social media that the benefits of vasectomies reach beyond family planning. The pitch: Doctor’s orders are a perfect excuse to watch the NCAA basketball tournament in its entirety. “Ready for some wife-approved couch time? Have your vasectomy on a Thursday or Friday. Then you can recover over the weekend while watching some great games!” said a Urology of Indiana advertisement ahead of this year’s March Madness.

The University of Utah Health in Salt Lake City has run March Madness promotions for the past three years. It offers a vasectomy package that includes a Utah Jazz basketball ticket giveaway, goody bags and basketball-shaped ice packs. This year, its surgeons performed more than three times as many vasectomies in March compared with the average number done in the other months through May, according to the health center’s internal marketing data.

A U.S. survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found most women who rely on vasectomies for birth control have as many children as they or their partner want. A vasectomy is faster, safer and less expensive than a common sterilization procedure for women called tubal ligation.

Link: https://www.wsj.com/articles/its-a-vasectomy-party-snips-chips-and-dips-with-your-closest-friends-1500830029?



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