Hannah's Headlines- 8/2/2017

NASA Has A New Job Opening-NASA is looking for a “planetary protection officer.”

The space agency says applicants will be required to protect planet Earth from "biological contamination in human and robotic space exploration." The job also calls for making sure space missions don't pollute other planets. Don’t get too excited, you have to be degree top heavy to be considered.

Those interested should have an advanced degree in science or math and experience in space programs. NASA says Planetary Protection Officer is a full-time position that pays a six-figure salary. The position was created after the US ratified the Outer Space Treaty of 1967. Really.Source: Business Insider

Don’t Use The Hairdryer In Your Hotel Room

When we’re packing for a trip, we’re always happy to leave our hair dryers behind because we know the hotel will provide one for us. But after hearing this, you might want to start packing your own again.

When ABC News did some investigating into the cleanliness of hotel rooms, they found out the nasty truth about hair dryers. Basically, they’re germier than a toilet seat! And it does kind of make sense because hotel toilets are cleaned regularly. But hair dryers? Not so much.

Microbiologist Chuck Gerba swabbed nine hotel room items at hotels ranging in price from about $80 to around $400 and found the same nastiness in all of them. He says, “There must be some things you can do with a hair dryer that I am not aware of because some of them were pretty germy.”

Hotel housekeepers focus on the biggies when they’re cleaning a room - the sheets (hopefully, anyway!), the bathroom, and the sink. They’re in a hurry and that hairdryer just doesn’t get the attention it deserves. So you’re probably better off just bringing your own from now on, or wiping that thing down with some Clorox wipes before using it

Source: Mirror

Today is national ice cream sandwich day and national coloring book day

Dear Dave FB message: Is It Cold That I Broke Up With My Boyfriend While We Were On Vacation?

"What’s up guys? My name is Lynne.  I love and appreciate your show; I just got back from a crazy vacation and missed hearing you guys every morning.

My vacation was crazy because I was away with my boyfriend of six months and we broke up on day four. We were fighting almost the entire trip and I told him I was flying back alone and he was shocked. He then booked a flight that day and left without telling me. I found out by text. I stayed for the next day and a half by myself and had a nice time to be honest.

Was I cold for breaking it off while we were on vacation? Is there ever a good time to break up?"

This Exercise Bike Stops Playing Netflix When You Stop Pedaling

Sometimes we need a little motivation to tackle the tasks we don’t really want to do, like exercising. So many of us have found that watching TV while working out is a good way to push us to keep going. The only problem is, it’s easy to lose focus and stop moving while we’re wrapped up in our stories on the screen.

That’s why Ronan Byrne’s invention is so brilliant. This guy created something called the Cyclix, an exercise bike that only plays Netflix while you’re pedaling it. Slow down or stop and your TV turns off. How’s that for motivation?

Byrne came up with the invention when he was teaching himself to code and here’s how it works. His device connects his stationary bike to a computer and he inputs how long he wants to cycle for, how fast he wants to go, and then chooses something to watch on Netflix. The video will only play if he maintains his goal speed. Slowing down or stopping will send a warning and pause the video.

So we need this invention in our lives! As much as we know exercise is good for us and makes us stronger, many of us are still lazy and nothing will motivate us as much as potentially not being able to keep watching TV. Sadly, Byrne isn’t selling the Cyclix, he’s just releasing instructions on building one yourself. When you’re feeling up to the coding, thisvideo will tell you what you need to know.

Source: The Zoe Report

A New Trend in Weddings: "Budtenders"

What in the world is a budtender? There’s a new trend flying around millennial weddings, and it involves an open bar for pot at your reception. How wild is that? We all know we go to weddings for the open bars anyway, so why not step up the open bar game with a few joint options, right?

Top Shelf Budtending is a company geared towards bringing their finest strains to your special day. The company is equipped with knowledgeable staff and budtenders, but there’s a catch - you have to supply the weed yourself. What’s the point? Why not just sneak out back with your friends and a joint you packed? The budtenders are here to help regulate. No one wants all of their guests stoned out of their mind at the wedding, so the experts will help regulate and educate.

Is it edging out the alcohol game? Not really. Alcohol is so ingrained in what we do, it’s hard to get rid of entirely. But why not add a little more fun to your party?

Source: PopSugar

Avocado Prices Are Going to Drop

The mascot of the millennials - the avocado. There’s only one issue though: they’ve been so freaking expensive, we’re blowing all of our money on the delicious fruits. Good news, friends! Avocado prices are likely to drop soon! Get your savings ready, because there’s an avocado storm brewing.

The tasty treat has been on the price rise because there’s a high demand for avocados, and they’re hard to obtain. But the largest supplier of avocados, Hass, has obtained a larger supply of avocados than normal, which means our favorite snack to eat and ‘gram is going to be a little cheaper than we’ve been used to.




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