Hannah's Headlines- 8/4/2017

Sewage Contaminates Checked Bags at Nashville Airport

Travelers at Nashville International Airport found themselves in a messy situation when their bags were contaminated by sewage.

About 200 Southwest Airlines passengers' bags were affected thanks to a single toilet in a women’s restroom inside the terminal. The women's bathroom was positioned over the baggage handling area. When sewage flooded the bathroom floor, it leaked into the bag handling area and seeped into checked bags, according to the officials.

Replacement bags were offered on a case-by-case basis, the airline said, though some passengers opted to leave their compromised luggage behind.

The airline said the leak didn’t cause any flight delays.

Source: ABC News

Nearly Half Of Americans Believe In Aliens

While some folks may think that aliens are something made up to sell movie tickets, you may be surprised to find out just how many people believe other life forms really do exist.

A new survey conducted by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in conjunction with the Blu-ray release of the movie “Phoenix Forgotten,” finds that 47% of Americans believe aliens do actually exist. What’s more, 39% of people believe aliens have visited Earth at some point, although only 18% believe alien abduction is real.

While folks believe in aliens, more seem to be skeptical about UFOs, with only 16.74% of people claiming they’ve seen one.

Source: 24/7 Wall Street

Today is international beer day, national chocolate chip cookie day

Would You Let This 12-Year-Old Tattoo Artist Ink You?

At an age when most kids keep their hands busy with video game controllers, smartphones or tablets, 12-year-old Ezrah Dormon, from Panama City, is already a popular tattoo artist. Despite his young age, people are lining up to have him ink a permanent tattoo into their skin.

Ezrah’s career as a tattoo artist began one night, while watching Honolulu owner Ali Garcia ink a flower on his mother’s hand. His parents, both artist, regularly host get-togethers, and this particular occasion was a group tattooing night. The young boy, who had always been interested in art and drawing, was fascinated by Garcia, saying things like “Wow, I really wish I could try that, I would love to know how to do that.” At one point, impressed by the boy’ enthusiasm, the professional tattoo artist said “Well, why don’t you try it now?”. He filled up a small part of his mother’s tattoo, and he just fell in love with the craft.

The middle-schooler has been apprenticing at the Honolulu tattoo parlor ever since that night, learning all the aspects of the craft, from hygiene to technique, from Ali herself. She has him drawing and practicing every day, and he’ has already made huge progress. Apart of grapefruits, Ezrah regularly fills actual clients’ tattoos with color, and he has even completed around 20 tattoos of his own.

“In the beginning, when I just started doing it, I was a little bit nervous,” the 12-year-old said. “But then, once I started getting the hang of it, it started, like, flowing.”

Link: http://www.odditycentral.com/art/would-you-let-this-12-year-old-tattoo-artist-ink-you.html

A Hair Thief Is Loose In India-Women in India are waking up without much hair.

More than 50 women in two northern Indian states have reported that someone chopped off their hair while they were unconscious. Police are working to solve the mystery that's leaving women paranoid and worried, One 53-year-old housewife told police she saw a strong flash of light that left her unconscious. An hour later she found her hair mysteriously chopped off. Reports of the "phantom barbers" first surfaced in early July. So far, no one has seen the illegal barbers. There are theories about the Indian hair cuttings. One woman insists "supernatural forces" were involved. Others accused the "victims" of cutting their hair to get attention.Source: CBS News

PB&J Oreos Are Here!

We can’t get enough of these new Oreo flavors! With all the talk of the cookie butter Oreos, there’s now apparently PB&J Oreos.

We’re not exactly sure where you can find the treats yet, as one was found in a Kroger store and nowhere else yet it seems.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering limited edition Oreos are coming out almost every week. It’s so crazy to the point that they’ve started taking special requests like avocado, carrot, and unicorn flavors.



Best of Craigslist- Chippewa Valley

Gorgeous woman!!! - m4w 

"Have you been eating Campbell's soup? Because you're looking mmm mmm good. if you want to meet tonight I hope you have pet insurance. Because I'm destroying that *****."

Andy in Weekly Ad at Target - m4m (Target HQ)

Long shot you'd see this (and not sure if you're into dudes) - but I needed to say that as rare as it is - every time I see you - you literally take my breath away. You are ridiculously hot!

I love your shoes..... - m4w 

Short elevator rides are so hard to strike up a real conversation.... but I'd like to have one with you.



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