Hannah's Headlines- 8/28/2017

Smart People Have Bigger Potty Mouths

While you may think someone with a potty mouth is low class or not too bright, the exact opposite may actually be true. In fact, someone who swears a lot may actually be quite brilliant.

A study out of the University of Rochester discovered that certain signature behaviors can be associated with certain personality types and some of those behaviors could be a bit surprising.

For example, the study finds that intellectual people are likely to curse more, eat spicy breakfasts and walk around their house naked. Meanwhile, extroverts tend to go over 75-miles-per-hour in their car, gamble, tell dirty jokes and go to the bar. What’s more, folks who are considered agreeable, tend to mostly do things that benefit others and also sing in the shower, while those who are conscientious spend their time avoiding irresponsible behavior.

Source: The Daily Mail 

A new term to absorb…ecosexual. We’ve heard of metrosexual: a straight male with an interest in fashion, and a refined sense of taste. Ecosexual is a person who lives green …in a dating sense, who is social and environmentally conscious. “I would love to date an ecosexual person so we can go to the farmers market together.”

New Slang Terms To Learn So You Can Pretend To Be Hip

If you’re constantly confused by what you read on Tumblr and Twitter, you need to up your slang knowledge. So if you want to know what the cool kids on the Internet are saying, here’s your cheat sheet.

  • Snatched - It’s the new fleek and can be used to describe something that looks really good, from your eyebrows to your shoes.
  • Sus - From the word suspect, it’s how the Internet says sketchy or shady. It’s like in “Mean Girls,” when Cady gave Regina those bars to “lose weight” - that was sus.
  • Boots - You add boots to the end of an adjective or verb to emphasize what you’re saying. So if you’re really tired, you’re tired boots.
  • Sis - Sis is the new bro.
  • Hunty - This is a combination of the word “honey” and another not-so-nice word that rhymes with hunt. It comes from the world of drag queens and RuPaul's “Drag Race made it a popular term of endearment.
  • Stan - This is the Internet’s word for a hardcore fan. It’s from the Eminem song “Stan,” which is about an obsessed fan. You can also say stanning, like “He’s stanning Eminem by writing him letters.”
  • Extra - This refers to trying too hard or being over the top. Extra could be used to describe a teacher giving out too much homework to the drunk girl stumbling around the bar at the end of the night.
  • OTP - It stands for One True Pairing, and your OTP is a couple you’re emotionally attached to. If you shed a tear when Chris Pratt and Anna Faris broke up, they were your OTP.
  • Ship - This one comes from relationship and you “ship” the two people you wish were in a relationship. “Scandal” fans who want Olivia Pope and Fitz Grant to be together, ship them.


Coffee May Hurt Your Diet-People who are dieting might need to cut out coffee to cut down their weight.

A new study out of Cornell University says coffee can make you hungrier for sweets. Researchers say coffee reduces people's perception of sweetness and that can make it harder to stop wolfing down things like cookies, cake, pie, and candy.

A positive effect of coffee was accidentally discovered during the research; it can create a placebo affect. People credit the drink for them being more alert and aware.

The study is published in the latest edition of the "Journal of Food Science." Source: Huffington Post

Dead Bug Manicures Are A Thing

At Deadly Nails in Australia, Nicole Casti uses dead ladybugs, spiders, and even snake skin on customers’ nails. Of course, she sanitizes them first, because otherwise that would be gross. Then she applies a thick layer of acrylic on top so the critter doesn’t decompose. And she adds glitter, too, because sparkles and dead spiders go perfectly.

"I've always been fascinated with taxidermy," Casti says. "I find beauty in death."

Casti has used a praying mantis wing and even a scorpion in her nail art. But she’s not going around slaying all these creatures, they come from a licensed taxidermist. Her dead bug manis aren’t for everyone, but she plans to keep experimenting. “I want to create things that challenge people’s perception of beauty,” she says.

Source: Daily Mail

Stuff in September

With all that back-to-school shopping, your budget takes a big hit this time of year. So you’ll be glad to know you can catch a deal on these things during the month of September.

  • Mattresses - Labor Day is a great time to get serious savings on queen- or king-sized beds. Check out big retailers like Macy’s or Sears for markdowns as much as 50% off.
  • Flatscreen TVs - November is the best time to save big on a TV, but as early as September you start seeing stores clearing space for the new models. Now you can find deals on small sizes for dorm rooms, like the 32-inch, or huge ones, like the 55-inch - bigger is better for baseball playoffs.
  • A new car - New models are also coming to car dealerships, so that gives you the upper hand for negotiating the best deal.
  • Swing sets - Now that summer is winding down, you can get discounts as much as 30% off on outdoor play equipment.
  • An iPhone 7 - Apple typically reveals their new iPhone in September, so if you don’t mind having one that isn’t the latest model, you can save as much as 30 to 40% off last year’s still sleek iPhone 7.
  • Broadway tickets - If you’re planning a trip to New York City, this is your chance to score cheaper-than-usual seats to a popular Broadway show. You might not find a deal on Hamilton tickets, but tourism does drop at the end of the summer so theaters are working to fill seats this time of year.

Source: PureWow



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