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Mom Panhandles $10K To Send Daughter To College

Paying for college is a challenge many parents have to deal with, but one Michigan mom took an unconventional approach to raising the money: panhandling. Lori Truex, a school bus driver, spent 79 days this summer standing on street corners in Battle Creek to collect funds to send her daughter to college.

This mom carried signs and had laminated paperwork to prove to folks that she wasn’t trying to scam anyone. Her daughter Kendall had been accepted to Michigan State and just needed the finances to get there. And mom’s plan worked!

Truex collected $4,872.30 from panhandling and another $5,400 from a GoFundMe campaign, for a grand total of $10,272.30. This will help pay for Kendall’s first year of college, along with grants, scholarships, and loans.

"This has been a summer I will never forget," Truex says. "I feel very blessed. We are very, very grateful."

Source: USA Today

Give In To Your Bad Mood

Everyone has a rough day from time to time and most of us just put on a happy face, stuff our feelings down and trudge through the day until we can get home and drown our feelings in a glass of wine. But a new study shows that just letting yourself be in a bad mood can be better for you in the long run.

Researchers from the University of California Berkeley looked at the link between psychological health and accepting your emotions in 1,300 adults in three separate studies. And it turns out, folks who fought their negative emotions ended up feeling more stressed than those who just embraced feeling down.

"We found that people who habitually accept their negative emotions experience fewer negative emotions,” explains study senior author Iris Mauss, “which adds up to better psychological health."

At this point, researchers can only speculate on why accepting your lousy mood can help it. But Mauss says maybe if you have an accepting attitude about negative feelings, you’re not giving them as much attention, and if you’re always judging your emotions, that negativity adds up. So take the good with the bad and feel all the feels. And if you want wine or chocolate to help you deal, have them – it’s all for your health.

Source: Whimn

Today is national toasted marshmallow day

Internet Has Mixed Feelings About ‘Tinkerbell’ Baby Name

Most parents take the job of naming their child very seriously. It is an incredibly important thing, since the name usually sticks for life. And sometimes, despite their best efforts, moms and dads miss the mark and choose a name that raises some eyebrows, as is the case with some new parents across the pond.

A woman in the UK recently posted a thread on parenting message board Mumsnet, explaining that she wants “to shoot” her friend for naming his daughter Tinkerbell. Yep, as in the fairy from “Peter Pan.” While there’s no need to resort to violence, the lady - who goes by screen name “liverbird10” has a point.

“I feel so sorry for the poor kid,” Liverbird10 writes. “She’s going to go through torture at school. Not to mention the rest of her life.”

And plenty of people chimed in to agree with her that this is a ridiculous name for a child. “Wow! She’s going to be popular when she gets to nursery,” one user responded. “And so embarrassed when she’s 20!”

But there were a few folks who were supportive of the parents’ choice to name their baby any name they choose. As one user pointed out, the kid can shorten her name to Bella later in life if she chooses. Another reminds Liverbird10 that it’s none of her business.

And that’s true, but still. How can you sit by when your friend goes and names their offspring something like Tinkerbell, Apple, or Nevaeh (heaven spelled backwards) or Rainbow. This friend was smart enough not to complain to the parents, but to do it anonymously on the Internet. That’s what it’s for, right?

Source: The Stir

Boy Gets Stuck In Washing Machine While Playing Hide And Seek

A seven-year-old boy in Ukraine was playing hide and seek with his sister when he decided to hide in his family's washing machine. He ended up getting stuck inside and calling for help. 

When no one in his family could free him, authorities were called. The four fighters who responded came up with the idea to cover the boy with sunflower oil and he all but slipped out. All in all it took about 20-minutes to get the unnamed boy out of the washer. 

Check out footage of the slippery rescue to the right

Source: Metro 

Workplace Bathrooms Very Important To Employees

While most people take a job based on the salary, opportunity or even the perks, it seems there’s another thing that’s very important to a lot of employees - the bathrooms. That’s right, according to a new survey, the condition of a workplace bathroom is a big deal, with 89% of Americans saying it’s a good indicator of how a company values its employees.

Overall, 67% of employees say their office restrooms are excellent or very good, with biggest complaints of nearly half those surveyed being unpleasant smells, clogged or unflushed toilets and empty or jammed toilet paper dispensers. Along those lines, the improvements most people would like to see made include more touchless features, like automatic toilets, motion activated faucets and air fresheners, while full-length mirrors, shelves for belongings and electric hand dryers are also common requests. 

  • ONE MORE THING! But even if they have nice bathrooms, it sounds like folks aren’t exactly being super hygienic in the workplace. The report finds that 61% of workers say they’ve seen a co-worker leave a restroom without washing their hands, which is up from 42% in 2016.

Source: Yahoo Finance



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