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The Secret To A Long Life May Be Whiskey

Grace Jones is a bad ass. The British woman recently celebrated her 111th birthday and says she doesn't feel any different than when she was 21. She drinks like a 20-Something, too: she very senior citizen has a shot of whiskey every night.

Aside from her habit, Jones' daughter explains that her mother is a very positive person. "She’s also very lively and interested in everything and everyone," daughter Dierdre adds. "She loved moving around. She’s the kind of person who cannot understand why anybody would want to live the quiet life." 

Source: Metro

The Industries Where Workers Are Happiest With Their Jobs

We bet everyone would love to wake up each morning and be excited to go to work, but let’s face it, for most people that’s just not the case. But according to a new report, there are some industries where people are way more satisfied with their jobs than others.

A new study by job site Monster analyzed 500,000 U.S. employee rankings and reviews posted on the employer ratings and review platform kununu, to discover the industries in which folks are the most satisfied in their jobs and you may be surprised with the results.

Overall, the industry that is tops for worker satisfaction is Tax Consulting/Auditing (we bet those workers may say differently during tax crunch time). with Human Resources/Staffing and Resources coming in second.

Top Ten Industries For Worker Satisfaction

  1. Tax Consulting/Auditing
  2. Human Resources/Staffing and Resources
  3. Consulting
  4. Information Technology and Services/Network Security
  5. Research and Development/Sciences
  6. Arts/Culture/Entertainment
  7. Internet/Media
  8. Purchasing
  9. Market Research
  10. Primary & Secondary Education/Higher Education/E-Learning

As for specific companies the IT company Omni Systems tops the list for worker satisfaction, with the Top Ten offering a diverse mix including insurance companies, fast food chains and even airlines.

Top Ten Companies For Worker Satisfaction

  1. Omni Systems
  2. Berkshire Hathaway
  3. REI
  4. Progressive
  5. Kaiser Permanente Insurance Company
  6. United States Army
  7. TJX Companies
  8. In-N-Out Burger
  9. Delta Air Lines, Inc.
  10. Wawa, Inc.

Source: World News

Today is national talk like a pirate day and national butterscotch pudding day

Spray-On Pumpkin Spice

It’s the season of “pumpkin spice everything,” and we are well into it at this point (as you probably know if you’ve been anywhere near a Starbucks in the last couple of weeks). And with each year comes a new pumpkin spice produce it seems. The newest pumpkin spice product? It’s actually a pumpkin spice spray – making it easier for you to put pumpkin spice on pretty much anything.

Simple Beyond’s Pumpkin Spray-On Spice is about $11 and works like cooking spray. The spray is made of essential oils of the usual spices found in a pumpkin mixture like cinnamon and nutmeg. So now instead of having to use the ACTUAL spices, you can just whip out a can of this stuff and literally spray away. Too far? Probably. But they’ll make pumpkin spice ANYTHING these days.

Source: Bustle

Bacon leads to Waffle House arrest: A woman enjoying her meal at a Waffle House in Destin, Florida was minding her own business when a 28-year-old man walked up, snatched the bacon off her plate and ate it in front of her. She was understandably upset and the victim told the unnamed man he needed to replace the bacon. Instead, he became belligerent and tried to fight customers who tried to step in. Police were called and the man was charged with disorderly intoxication. Source: NWF Daily News

Binge Watching TV Could Be Killing You

These days it isn’t uncommon to spend a weekend sitting on the couch binge-watching your favorite TV shows. Thing is, that may sound like a perfect way to spend your days off, but it may be killing you.

A new study out of Australia suggests all that binge watching could increase a person’s risk of dying from inflammatory diseases like Alzheimer’s and diabetes. The study, published in the journal of "Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise," says that for every hour a person spends watching TV the risk of getting one of these diseases goes up 12%, and watching four hours a day puts you most at risk.

What’s more, those who watch between two and four hours of TV a day have a 54% higher risk of inflammatory-related death. “People should be attempting to sit less and move more throughout their day because we do believe there are health benefits,” says study author Dr. Megan Grace. “TV time was associated with increased risk of inflammatory-related mortality. This is consistent with the hypothesis that high TV viewing may be associated with a chronic inflammatory state.”

Source: New York Post



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