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14th Century Grave Holds A…Dolphin-It's safe to say most dolphins don't get a proper burial.

That's not the case for one porpoise, discovered by archaeologists in a medieval grave on a small island in the English Channel. The researchers thought that the 14th century grave likely belonged to a monk. They got quite the surprise when they dug it up and found a juvenile porpoise. The researchers aren't sure why the dolphin was carefully buried because those that were eaten back then were usually disposed of in the sea.

One possibility is that the dolphin was being stored for future eating but no one ever got around to digging it up until now. Another was that it had religious significance. Either way, it’s been exhumed for further study.Source: Guardian

Study: Sex And Sleep Will Make You Happier Than Money Ever Could

A new study has found the top indicators of happiness, and money doesn't even hit the top five. The study conducted by researchers from Oxford Economics and the National Centre for Social Research in Great Britain, asked 8,250 people of varying backgrounds to fill out a 60-question survey to determine what it means to "live well." The questions covered everything — from the state of an individual's sleep quality, finances, and job security to their relationships with friends, family and their community. And the results? They weren't what you'd expect.

The result was the creation of the Sainsbury’s Living Well Index, which generated a list of the top factors that separated the happiest 20 percent from everyone else. In order of biggest influence, sleep quality, sex life, job security, health of close relatives and chatting to neighbors were the top five factors that determined who was actually living well.

Some of these results should come as little surprise, since we already know how a bad sleep schedule affects your health, but the fact that money doesn't rank at the top of the list might. In fact, according to Metro, researchers found that those who had good sleep and a sex life they were satisfied with (no, that doesn't mean loads of sex; although tantra might help) had higher "living well" scores than those people with a high income.

The study found that income had very little impact on a person's perception of well-being. In fact, a 50 percent increase in disposable income only led to a miniscule increase in a person's "living well" score.

Link: http://www.menshealth.com/sex-women/happiness-study-sex-sleep-money

Today is national string cheese day and national punch day

Dating A Married Guy. Should I Meet His Wife?

I'm dating a married man who was in the process of getting a divorce. His wife wants to talk to me. Should I talk to her?

My boyfriend is married and he has two small kids with his wife. He is not happy in his marriage. His wife is someone very difficult to get along with. He has been separated for almost two years and we've been together for about 18 months.

I have my own house and we are planning on living together. After two years of separation, his wife now wants him back.

He served her with the divorce papers. He doesn't want to be with her anymore, so now she's trying to contact me.

Yesterday she left a letter in my mailbox where she's basically begging me to break up with him and not see him anymore. Today, she send me a long message on Facebook talking about their kids, life, the time they've been together, etc. I guess she’s trying to make me feel sorry for her, and in part I do, but I love him and I won't let him go.

She said also that she wants to meet me or talk to me on the phone, but I'm not too sure about that.


How To Free Up iPhone Space For The New Update

We all want space for the new update – hellooo?? New, human sounding Siri!? Sign me up. But we all have way too many selfies and plandids clogging up our memory in our iPhones. So what’s a gal to do?? Users need about 4GB of free space for iOS 11 to run smoothly. Here’s what you can do to make sure you have room for the new update and all of its features:

  • Delete old texts - Why do you still have your text chain with that guy from Tinder you never ended up meeting up with? Get rid of it!
  • And stop saving them forever - You’re not going to need to look back on old texts often enough to keep them around.
  • Toss those old photos - I’m sure there are a ton of selfies back in the depths of your camera roll you can get rid of.
  • Change your image saving settings. - Undo the “keep normal photo” toggle in HDR settings.
  • Quit the photo stream. - Who knows how many of your pictures you ACTUALLY need on the stream??
  • Clear your cache - Settings to Safari to clear history and website data. You’d be surprised how much space it clears up.
  • Remove downloaded podcasts. - You’ve listened to them once, are you really going to listen again?
  • Delete songs - Unless you REALLY listen to them, maybe consider getting rid of some of the baggage.

You’ll feel so much better when your phone clutter is all cleared up. It’s like purging your real items, but it’s purging your phone space!

Source: Bustle

Pumpkin Spice Pizza Is A Thing Now

This Friday you'll be able to not only indulge in a pumpkin spice latte, but also chow down on pumpkin spice pizza. Chain resultant Villa Italian Kitchen is serving slices of the fall inspired pie. 

The recipe includes pizza dough, smothered in pumpkin pie filling, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon....and mozzarella cheese.

As Mimi Wunderlich from Villa Italian Kitchen explains, "there's no denying that everyone loves pizza, so combining our hit Neapolitan Cheese Slice with the delicious flavors of pumpkin spice just made sense." The specialty slices will be sold as long as supplies beginning to Friday to mark the first day of fall. 

Source: WTAE

What To Do Before Bed If You Feel Like You’re Getting Sick

Now that fall is here, cold and flu season is upon us once again. So when you feel that tickle in your throat and feel a cold coming on, don’t stay in denial. There are things you can do before you hit the sack for a night of stuffy-nose sleep that can help cut off that illness that’s trying to creep in. Here’s what to do before bed to fight it off.

  • Take a hot shower - It makes you feel good and could even help stop a cold from developing by clearing nasal passages.
  • Gargle with salt water - In one study of 400 unhealthy subjects who gargled with salt water for 60 days during cold and flu season, upper respiratory tract infections went down by 40%.
  • Get in bed a little early - We all know how important it is to get enough sleep, but it’s even more important when you’re under the weather. Sleeping poorly can negatively affect your immune system, leaving you more susceptible to infections and disease.
  • Stay hydrated - Get it from a cup of warm soup, a mug of hot tea, or plain ol’ water, and your body will thank you for staying hydrated when you’re feeling sick.
  • Make sure you’re eating enough, and make it healthy - You might not feel like eating much when you’re coming down with something, so it’s important to focus on getting plenty of immunity-boosting foodslike chickpeas, crushed red pepper, dark leafy greens, and garlic to help you fight off those infections naturally.
  • Try some apple cider vinegar - It doesn’t taste great, but fans of apple cider vinegar swear it helps clean out your system and it does have a ton of vitamins and minerals in it, so you could give it a try to keep sickness away.

Source: Hello Giggles



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