Hannah's Headlines- 9/21/2017

Amusement Complex Lets You Break Things For Fun-An amusement facility in Calgary, Canada has created a "Rage Room" giving guests an opportunity to break and smash things.

The Rage Room at Thundrdome Amusements provides golf clubs, sledgehammers, pipes and baseball bats. Guests come in and have a smashing good time by breaking office equipment like printers and other items. Operators tell CBC News that guests are fully protected with a face mask, chest protector, coveralls, gloves and closed-toe shoes. Bring your own items to smash if you like.Source: Jewel 88.5

Pictures May Replace Passports For International Flights

Going on an international trip is certainly exciting until you remember you have to pull out your passport with that awful photo inside and hope custom agents don’t laugh at you because of it. Well, believe it or not, passports may one day become a thing of the past, although you’ll still need a photo to get you where you want to go.

Thanks to new technology, we may soon be able to travel internationally by just having our photo taken as we board a plane. Over the summer, JetBlue tested out the possibility at Boston’s Logan Airport, with travelers flying to Aruba’s Queen Beatrix International Airport given the option of having their picture taken instead of handing over their passport.

If that seems risky, don’t worry those people were still getting checked for security. The pictures taken at the gate were then checked by the Customs and Border Protection database for passports, visas and immigration photos, and got “close to a 100% match rate,” according to airport technology firm SITA. And given the option most people chose to “board in a snap,” which helped speed along the whole process.

As for when we may see the technology adopted everywhere, that’s anybody’s guess, but CBP and SITA say they hope to expand its use in the coming months.

Source: USA Today 

Today is national pecan cookie day, international day of peace, the start of Rosh Hashanah, miniature golf day and world gratitude day.

Eating One Raisin Can Stop Junk Food Cravings

Want a quick way to cut off junk food cravings? According to mental-health nutrition expert Dr. Leslie Korn, all you need to do is eat a raisin, really, really slowly. She claims that spending several minutes consuming a single dried fruit can help us short-circuit the munchies.

So you can’t just gobble down the raisin and instantly feel like you no longer want that doughnut in the break room. Here are the steps to Korn’s process:

  • Pick up the raisin and pay attention to its wrinkles and lines.
  • Smell the dried fruit and notice how your body feels. Is your mouth watering?
  • Put the raisin in your mouth and spin it around, letting your tongue feel its surface.
  • Then slowly chew it, while observing its texture and flavor.
  • Swallow and stay still, thinking of the raisin making its way to your stomach
  • Lastly, ask yourself: “What does my body really need?”

But why does this work? Korn says it uses our awareness and our ability to exert control over our “automatic” reactions. She explains that this style of raisin eating spurs a chemical relaxation response with a technical name: parasympathetic dominance.

The important part is that this technique should help override the impulse to eat a whole bag of chips when you’re stressed out. And Korn says it doesn’t even have to be a raisin, it could be a bite of almost anything. So there’s no reason that small bite can’t be chocolate, right?

Source: New York Post

These New Taco Bells Will Ditch Drive-Thrus And Serve Booze

There are some big changes happening at Taco Bell. The company has announced plans to open 300 to 350 new locations over the next few years. But these won’t be your average drive-thrus. In fact, a lot of them won’t even have a drive-thru.

Many of these will be cantina-style “urban in-line” stores, which will have open kitchens, digital menu boards, and display local artwork. And the biggest difference is these locations will also serve alcohol! The cantina locations serve beer, wine, sangria, and Twisted Freezes - slushy drinks that you can add vodka, rum, or tequila to. They’ll also have more “shareable” food items, like nachos and chicken fingers.

The new locations will be popping up in big cities like Detroit, Pittsburgh, Nashville, and New York - they’re supposed to open 50 in Manhattan, which only has six now. So soon you may be able to catch a buzz on your run for the border.

Source: Eater

Uber Flying Taxis Could Soon Be Reality-Uber flying taxis could land in Dallas as soon as the year 2020.

The ridesharing company talked about its latest efforts at an industry conference yesterday. Uber's Aviation Director and former NASA employee is working to make the high tech transportation system happen in just a few years. Customers would be able to take a flying-car that lifts like a helicopter and then extracts wings like from an airplane.

The company also plans to build Vertiports on existing parking garages so it doesn't have to build as much. The ride sharing company is already working to place sensors around the metro area to monitor noise levels as to not disturb neighbors. Dallas and Dubai were the first announced cities to get the program. Source: KDFW



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