Hannah's Headlines- 9/25/2017

Couple Celebrates 80 Years Of Marriage

Canadian couple celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary say there’s no secret to marital happiness, but it helps that they’ll do anything for each other.

Canadian couple Bill and Dell Johnson got married way back in 1937 and they just celebrated 80 years of wedded bliss. But when asked what their secret to eight decades of happiness is, they say there isn’t one.

“I guess we just agreed and got along good, Dell says. And Bill adds, “She’d do anything for me and I’d do anything for her.”

She’ll be 98 in December and he just celebrated his 101st birthday, and they’re still giving us couple’s goals. Bill still pulls the chair out for his wife to sit down in the dining room! After 80 years, sweet gestures like that still go a long way!

Source: CTV News

Social Media Is A Decider With Vacations

These days most of us are used to seeing friends who fill their social media feeds with pictures of their vacations, and it seems for those folks, how that trip will look on Facebook is driving their decisions about where they want to go.

According to a new Travelzoo survey, 53% of folks say there’s pressure to book unique or exotic vacations, and 40% say they feel pressure to book adventurous vacations. Overall, 47% of people say that the pressure for those types of vacation comes from social media, with 30% of people booking trips specifically because they think they'll look good on their feed.

But even though social media plays a big role in vacations for some people, others would rather disconnect entirely. The survey finds that half of respondents say a digital disconnect enhances the idea of a trip. As for reasons they want such disconnection:

  • 28% say they check their emails too often
  • 27% say they are jaded by the news
  • 22% say they feel too tied to a phone 

And thankfully social media isn’t the motivation for everyone’s vacation. In fact, 56% of people still say their top goal of a getaway is relaxing, while 44% say it’s enjoying great food.

Source: Travelzoo 

Today is national one-hit wonder day, national comic book day & national math storytelling day.

Science Confirms Women’s Intuition Is Real

Women know our intuition is real and now research is backing that up. Intuition is being able to understand something right away, without reasoning - it’s a gut feeling. We’ve all experienced it when we’ve done something because of a feeling or hunch and now science is confirming this “Spidey sense” females are known for having is real.

In a recent study published in "The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease,"scientists used fancy technology called SPECT to show that women “may exhibit more empathy, intuition, collaboration, self-control, and appropriate concern because of increased blood flow to the brain.” They analyzed 46,000 studies on 25,000 men and women and found that women have more blood flow to the brain, especially the parts that control emotions, mood, anxiety, and depression.

So in the parts of the brain that let us know things ahead of time and feel things deep down, women have more brain activity. That helps us sense things sooner and trust our gut feeling when we do.

Of course, women don’t need studies to tell us our intuition is real, but it is nice to know that science agrees and gets us. Now if they could just help us harness our powers so we could win the lottery or at least finish our holiday shopping early, we’d really be impressed.

Source: ScaryMommy

Arm Spanx Are A Thing Now

If you’ve ever squeezed your lower half into a pair of Spanx and thought, “Gee, I wish they made these suckers for my arms, too,” today is your lucky day! Because this is the day that Spanx Arm Tights hit stores!

Yes, the body-hugging shapewear that we love for smoothing and slimming our tummies and booties is now making a pair of tights for arms that suck in the flab and give us skinny arms. And apparently, this is something people have been asking for.

“It’s basically a crop top made out of tights,” Spanx founder Sara Blakelyexplains, describing them as “a solution that will smooth and flatter your arms and feel super luxe on the skin too.”

The Arm Tights look like a stretchy crop top and will cost between $30 and $34 and come in semi-sheer colors like black, neon blue, and hot pink. They’ll also come in various bust sizes, because the girls need to be comfortable in there, too.

We adore Spanx for tightening and lifting our bellies and making our cellulite less obvious, but do we really need this upper-body undergarment? Some say yes, and for them, Arm Spanx are here.

Source: Moneyish

This Is The Best Time To Meet Your “Forever Person,” So Don't Lose Hope

Although everyone is different, is there really a perfect time to meet this special person? Elite Daily spoke with online dating coach and relationship expert Damona Hoffman to find out more about if there really is an ideal point in your life to meet this person, and if so, what are some of the most productive ways to make sure it happens.

According to Hoffman, there is no arbitrary magic age or perfect time to meet your person, but she does recommend that you keep in mind long-term goals when planning for the future. “With my clients, I get very specific with life goals (i.e., career, kids, etc.) and we work backward from those deadlines. If you want to have kids, biologically speaking, you're ideally going to want to be married by 33 so you can have a few blissful married years before kids,” says Hoffman.

When you approach things from this perspective, it really takes the pressure off and allows you to focus on having fun and enjoying your youth rather than stressing about a deadline that you have plenty of time to meet.

Hoffman also isn't a fan of the idea of looking for one soulmate to ride out the imminent apocalypse with. Hoffman believes “soulmates don't exist,” and by adopting the mindset that there is one perfect person out there, many people miss out on a ton of other amazing people that could be a good fit: There are many possible compatible partners out there.

Hoffman recommends that anyone struggling to find love should try approaching things from the same way they would their career: “I teach women how to use the skills that have made them professionally successful (analytics, strategy, networking, training, mentorship, determination) to be just as successful in love.”

Link: http://elitedaily.com/dating/when-will-i-find-love-2/2077874/

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