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Your Favorite Song Could Reveal If You’re A Psychopath-Someone decided to see what kind of music psycho’s like and it turns out, that’s a good way to tell if you are nuts or not.

A study compared the tastes of volunteers’ music with their score on a personality test. To the researchers’ surprise, there was a link between the two! The study is attempting to find a way to identify psychopaths without them knowing it.

The scientists at New York University found out certain songs were loved by the psychos. They played 260 songs for 200 people and found that those with the highest psychopathic scores were big fans of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” and Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.” Volunteers who were fans of The Knack’s “My Sharona” and Sia’s “Titanium” had the lowest psychopathic scores.

The results are preliminary.Source: New York Post

Kitten Yoga Class Encourages Adoption

We’re used to seeing downward dogs in yoga class, but kittens? Not so much. Except at a Kitten Yoga class Laura-Beth Power teaches in Canada, where the little furballs run around the mats and entertain students while they’re stretching.

The four-legged babies might seem like a distraction, but Power’s been teaching with kittens for about a year and a half and she says it helps students stay in the moment.

“When that kitten comes up and brushes against your arm you’re with it, you’re feeling that moment and that is being present,” Power explains. “You’re not thinking about anything else when that kitten is sitting on your lap when you’re doing a forward fold. Our current motto is ‘be in the meow, be in the now’.”

And the best part about this kitten yoga is that the kittens are all available for adoption from the local SPCA and they sell out at almost every class. So it helps with “being in the meow” and finding a home for the kittens. Sign me up!

Source: CBS Miami

Today is national women’s health and fitness day, national chocolate milk day and national corned beef hash day

The Tindstagramming Must Be Stopped!

There’s a new phenomenon hitting the online dating world: tindstagramming. It’s when that guy you didn’t end up liking on Tinder finds you on Instagram and slides into your DMs. No one wants that! It’s pretty much a form of stalking someone online to go the extra step to get a message back. And now that you can link your Instas to your dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, it’s much easier for these creeps to find you!

The worst part of the situation? When you’ve been honest about not being interested in the person and they STILL find a back door way to get in front of your face and demand attention. It’s crazy! Many of the people doing it think they just need a second chance to prove themselves, but really it’s just unwanted invasion of privacy. Sure, the profiles are public, but there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed!



This Dr. Wants Us To Stop Wearing Undies

Sometimes, even seamless undies don’t do the trick and you’re stuck with the dreaded visible panty line. That’s when you might ditch your drawers in the name of fashion. But as freeing as going commando can be, one gynecologist thinks we should all be doing it for a different reason.

Dr. Donnica Moore thinks we could benefit from living a no-knickers life. "It’s not good to always have the lady parts locked up," she says, explaining that "they need air like all other parts of your body."

She suggests that the buildup of heat and sweat in your nether regions could raise the risk for a yeast infection, especially if you wear lacy or non-breathable undies. But she does warn that there are potential risks for skipping the skivvies, like irritation to your sensitive parts from rough fabric, like jeans. And she says abrasive material like that “can lead to very small nicks in the skin that act as portals for bacteria” when you don’t have a barrier of underwear to protect you.

But she says the risks of that don’t outweigh the benefits to going commando. If the whole thing sounds too risqué for your taste, maybe try easing into it by not wearing undies while you sleep to see how you like that freedom. It’s not for everyone, but it could be better than you imagine!

Source: Cosmopolitan

Train Passengers Have Left Behind An Ironing Board, Inflatable Shark, And More

Back in August, South Western Railway took over for UK company South West Trains. In just the first six weeks, the company has collected over 10-thousand items passengers have left behind. There are plenty of coats, bags, and keys…but also a few stranger things.

Someone left behind an ironing board, while another person got off the train without their inflatable shark. A barrister's wig, which lawyers wear in court, false teeth and a leather chair were also found aboard South Western Railway trains.

The company keeps non-perishable items for three months in hopes its owner comes to pick them up. They’re also encouraging customers to check for their belongings before getting off the train.

Source: BBC



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