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Woman Wants A Grave Dug Up To Prove She’s Alive

Juana Escudero went to the hospital in her Spainish hometown only to be told she was dead. The now 53-year-old, who was clearly very much alive, discovered there had been a clerical error after a woman with her same name and birthday died in another part of the country. That Juana died on May 13th, 2010. Since then, the living Juana has been technically dead and she’s still fighting to fix the error.

She’s tried to explain the situation, but so far no luck. She hasn’t been to a doctor or renewed her license, but she’s still paying her bills. Juana jokes, “on the government’s computers I am dead, but for the banks I am alive and kicking.”

In another attempt to prove she is not six feet under, Juana has filed papers to get the grave of the other Juana dug up. No word on if that’s been approved yet.

Source: Fox News

Does your dog really love you? Or is it all about food?

After the death of his dog Newton, Gregory Burns wanted to find the answer to an age-old question: Does your dog really love you — or are they just in it for the food?

The Emory University neuroscientist decided to put the question to the test, analyzing 90 dogs in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines to peer into their minds and see what they are feeling, according to Time.

Luckily, he has some good news for canine-lovers — yes, your dog really does love you.

For the study, Berns put the pups into the MRI machines and alternated between giving them praise and hot dogs.

He then examined their responses in the reward center of the brain with the MRI, finding that dogs equally responded to food and an enthusiastic “good boy!”

Even more, Berns found that 20 percent of dogs preferred praise over food, according to The New York Times.

“From that, we conclude that the vast majority of dogs love us at least as much as food,” he said.

The research, along with finding that dogs are “wired to process (human) faces,” also has major implications for training service dogs.

“We scanned (service dogs as puppies) and followed up on them later,” Berns said to The Times. “We found that the dogs who were the best candidates had more activity in the brain region that has the most dopamine receptors, the caudate nucleus.”

Don’t worry: Berns said he never drugged or restrained a dog to stay in the MRI machine.

In fact, he told The Times it took about three months of training with an MRI simulator before he was able to get his pup Callie to remain in an actual MRI.

For Berns, the results of his study only strengthens his resolve as a vegetarian.

“Think about how we farm animals in large industrialized centers, where they are confined for much of their lives and then slaughtered, often cruelly,” he said. “If the animals are aware of their suffering — and I think they are — we ought to reconsider their treatment.

“This research makes it clear that animals have brains with the capacity to feel many of the emotions we do.”

Today is national drink beer day, national good neighbor day and national strawberry cream pie day

Minimum Delivery Tip Should Be Five Dollars

Eater.com maintains that the minimum tip for food delivery should be $5.00. I generally just give 10 to 20 percent.

Even if I only ordered $8 worth of food? That’s a 62 percent tip!

Yes. Even if your order is under $25, tip at least $5.

Even if the pizzeria is ten feet from my door? They barely had to do any work!

You’re paying for the privilege of not leaving your home, not directly compensating the delivery person for the minimum wage equivalent of his or her labor. The absolute minimum value you should place on that is $5, which you should tip.

Even if I order from the same restaurant six times a week? Those tips add up!

Who actually does this? Tip at least $5 every time you get food delivered.

Even if I’m broke and can’t afford a $5 tip?

The very idea that your quality of life will be damaged by an incremental expenditure of two dollars — the cost of raising your humanity-insulting $3 tip to an acceptable $5 — in a manner that outweighs the comparable value those two dollars would contribute to the likely underpaid, uninsured, family-supporting human being bringing you a chirashi bowl is utterly laughable. However! If it is, improbably, the case that those two dollars would really hurt you more than they’d aid another, maybe look into whether it wouldn’t hurt you even less to spend zero dollars, in which case you should just leave your apartment and get your food yourself.

If have friends over and we order $80 worth of Laotian food — because Laotian food can be really expensive! — do I have to tip $16?

I don’t know! Percentage-based tips start losing a lot of their logic when we’re talking about what is, essentially, commodity service! But as long as you’re not tipping a hot cent less than $5, you are not in violation of the ethical principle around which this article is constructed. (Also, yes, you should tip $16.)

What if I think tipping is an illogical practice and I refuse to engage in it?

Odds are pretty good that at least one person in your life — a person who really matters to you, someone you rely on and value and love — comes to loathe you more and more every day, specifically because you both have and act on this garbage opinion.

What if the restaurant also charges a delivery fee?

That's not a tip. Tip at least $5.

What if it’s raining really hard, or there’s a snowstorm?

Tip $20. Or maybe $40. Or cook, you lazy monster.



You May Be Able To Detect A Cheater By The Sound Of Their Voice

While we all wish we could tell whether someone was a cheater just by looking at them, that’s not always the case. But believe it or not, a new study suggests you may be able to pick out a cheater by the sound of his or her voice.

A study recently published in "Evolutionary Psychology" suggests that the sound of a person’s voice could reveal a lot about someone, including whether they will remain faithful or whether they'll be a cheater.

Participants in the study were asked to listen to the voices of 10 men and 10 women, with half of each sex being people who have admitted to stepping out on a relationship at some point, and the other half having never cheated. All the voices were simply counting from one to ten, and all were shared in two different pitches to see if pitch had any affect on being able to identify cheaters.

And it turns out, when the participants were asked to rate the voices of those they thought more likely to cheat, more likely than not, they correctly identified cheaters vs. non cheaters. Pitch didn’t seem to make much of a difference in the study, although male participants did tend to rate women with lower-pitched voices more likely to cheat, possibly because they thought the voice sounded sexier. Interestingly, women were more likely to label the male voices as cheaters, possibly because women are in general more suspicious of men.

  • As for why this is the case, the authors of the study aren’t sure but they suggest it could be because people with certain traits could be more prone to cheating, and those people, like extroverts, ”show greater variation in fundamental frequency, greater voice quality,” which make it easier to identify.

Source: The Washington Post 

Cheers To Dill Pickle-Flavored Vodka

If you love pickle-back shots, you’re going to want to try this: dill pickle-flavored vodka. We knew about dill pickle beer, but somehow we never knew that sour, dill-infused vodka existed. And now that we do, we can create legendary Bloody Marys and life will never be the same.

According to Chilled Dills, a company that only produces pickle-flavored vodka, its namesake offering is "smooth" and perfect for Bloody Marys, pickle-tinis, or by itself on the rocks. Not sure what a pickle-tini is? We’re not either, but it sure sounds good. Cheers!


Delta To Offer Free Messaging On Flights

Are you someone who gets bored on flights easily and wishes there was a simple way to chat with friends while you’re in the air? Well, you’re going to want to book your next trip on Delta then.

Ed Bastian, the CEO of the company, just announced that starting this weekend Delta will offer passengers free in-flight messaging on all Wi-Fi enabled flights. That’s right, this means you can use iMessage, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger without having to shell out the extra dough for Wi-Fi.  Bastian explains, “We want our customers while they're flying to stay connected to their homes, to their friends."

Of course, if you do want to connect to the Internet you’ll still have to pay to get the Wi-Fi, or you can just fly JetBlue, who offers Wi-Fi free to passengers.

Source: CBS News

Millennial Brides Are "Bridechillas"

We’ve all seen bridezillas in our time - they might be our family members and friends, and they might be someone we’ve seen on a reality TV show. But the idea is the same - brides become monsters when it comes to planning their weddings. Not millennials though. Throw bridezillas aside, it’s time to be a bridechilla.

It all started with the “Bridechilla Podcast.” Listening to it has inspired millennial brides everywhere not to sweat the small stuff. Don’t like the wedding market drive you absolutely insane, and don’t fall for the traps they try to sell you into along the way.

Added bonus? None of our friends are working conventional jobs, which means none of them can actually afford the bridesmaid dresses of your dreams. We’re all jumping on the cheaper and easier is better bandwagon. So it’s no surprise that bridechillas are the result.

Chill out! Your wedding is what you make of it!

Source: New York Post

Woman Uses Stalker’s Credit Card To Buy Bouncy House

If you’ve ever had to deal with a man who just wouldn’t take no for an answer, you’ll appreciate this story. Leagan Wilson, a woman from Lubbock, Texas had an annoying persistent man who kept asking her out and didn’t catch on that she really wasn’t interested.

She had known this guy for years and he kept calling and texting to ask her out, and she kept saying no. Then one day in a last-ditch effort to buy Wilson’s affection, he texted her photos of his credit card - both front and back - along with the message, “Just in case you ever need anything. Anything at all … Anything your heart desires.”

So our hero did what anyone might in her situation: she bought a big, pink, inflatable bouncy house. Wilson tweeted “Ur all invited to my bouncy castle party funded by the guy that sent me his credit card after I said no to a date.”

As you might imagine, when the dude got a confirmation of her purchase, he was confused. He texted her wondering, “Babe, what is this?” and she responded, “You said anything, right?” And he did say anything. Wilson says he was really annoyed, but then accepted that he set himself up for it in an attempt to buy her love. We’re guessing he won’t make that mistake again!

Source: Scary Mommy



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