Hannah's Headlines- 10/12/2017

Now You Can Buy A Tiny House On Amazon

Have you ever watched one of those “Tiny Homes” shows on HGTV and seriously considered the idea of getting into on? Well the possibility just became a whole lot easier because now you can actually buy your own tiny house on Amazon!

Yep, the online retailer is now selling a MODS International prefab tiny home, that you can buy online and have delivered to your front door. The 320-square-foot house is made from a new shipping container and comes insulated, has heat and AC, and it’s fully furnished, too.

It’s not much space, but it has everything you need: a bedroom, a kitchenette, basic appliances, a shower, living area, toilet and sink. And it seems pretty reasonably priced at $36,000. Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay $4,500 for shipping since it’s not covered by 2 day Prime.


Today is national farmer's day, national freethought day and national gumbo day

More Millennials Are Choosing To Elope

Millennials continue choosing things that are totally against the grain of wedding and engagement traditions. Our engagement rings feature stones that aren’t diamonds, and our weddings aren’t that big of a deal – if they even are a big deal at all. Many millennials are actually choosing to run off and get married secretly. So what’s the reason behind all of the millennial couples eloping these days?

It all boils down to one thing that we all have to fight against - money. It’s a lot easier to get married the way you want when you don’t have to think about how many people you’re inviting - not to mention how you’re going to feed them all! People are just cutting their losses and running off for their dream weddings alone. It all depends on what feels right for you and your boo!

Source: Refinery29

Would You Eat Diet Avocados?

If you love avocados but not all that healthy fat that comes with them, you’ll be pleased to know that a diet avocado now exists. The so-called Avocado Light is made by Eurobanan’s Isla Bonita brand and it just as Instagram-worthy, but with 30% less fat.

But the real question is how does this diet avocado taste? It’s been described as having a “mild” flavor and “juicier pulp” and the creators say it ripens faster and oxidizes more slowly. So it won’t turn that yucky shade of gray as fast and could last longer than a conventional avocado.

Spanish heart-health advocates have tested it and confirm the nutritional claims that it has about a third less fat. But don’t go looking for these in the produce section at Trader Joe’s, sadly Eurobanan is only planning to sell them in Spain for now. So we’ll have to wait on the frankenfruit and keep eating all that delicious fat in a regular avocado.

Source: Grubstreet

Prisons Hoping To Solve Cold Cases With Playing Cards

Soon inmates in Oklahoma prisons will get to play detective. The state has decided to start selling inmates decks of playing cards featuring cold cases with the hopes that those on the inside will have information that leads to an arrest. 

Sounds crazy? It's already working in other states. Florida, Colorado, Connecticut and South Carolina all have similar programs and so far about 40 homicides have been solved through the program. 

So far, only six of the state's 12 prisons are selling the cards. 

Source: Associated Press

The Most Rude and Inappropriate Things People Have Said To Pregnant Women

While being pregnant should be a happy occasion for a mother-to-be, all too often their spirits are brought down by insensitive people who just don’t know when to keep their mouth shut. Ask any mom and they’ll tell you that someone at some point said something completely rude to them while they were pregnant, and now some of those moms are sharing those rude comments online.

A group of mothers went on the parenting forum Mumset to share the most rude and inappropriate comments they were subjected to during their pregnancy, and we bet most moms out there can relate.

Rude comments include:

  • “From my mother-in-law on being told the baby was moving around much more than DS did at the first scan, ‘Oh, well that's because its all so stretched out and the baby has so much more room.’"
  • "Wow, you are HUGE. Have you got triplets in there?"
  • "Oooh Bella, you're the same size front on as you are sideways' hmm not entirely sure what that meant but I didn't feel particularly flattered."
  • “From a man who was a visitor in my work environment and I had met 30 seconds earlier – ‘Oh you're pregnant? Well make sure you don't have a vaginal birth or your husband will leave you - with good reason!’"
  • "I've never been able to look at my wife the same since she made me attend the birth of our child. She was so undignified and just frankly it's disgusting I had to see her like that."
  • "If you don't breastfeed you're just choosing to poison your child."
  • “When I announced to my boss, she asked if we had planned it and if we were happy...”
  • "After I got pregnant soon after starting a new job, one of my bosses said 'you deserve to be shot.'”
  • “God you're huge.... in a good way of course.How could that possibly be meant in a good way?!”

Source: The Daily Mail



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